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World’s oldest male giant panda dies at age 35 in Hong Kong
Ocean Park mourned An An as a family member who grew with the park and built bonds with locals and tourists.
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# In the Mood
52 seconds of passion: Two giant pandas mated for the first time in four years today
It is hoped that a new baby panda would attract tourists to the Tokyo zoo.
# well played
This Irish Olympian received the most adorable fan letter from a little girl
G’wan Eabha.
# sponsored by Science Foundation Ireland
This scientist would happily kick a panda to death... but only to save another species
Poor pandas.
# Take a Break
Watch the world's only panda triplets play together
# poaching
Ten arrested after wild panda bear killed and skinned
Police found two brothers had shot the animal in forest near Zhaotong, a poverty-stricken city in China’s Yunnan province.
# what a circus
An Italian circus has been passing off two painted dogs as pandas
The ‘pandas’ were actually chow chow puppies.
# Pandas
It took 15 months for this little boy to be diagnosed and he still isn't getting the treatment he needs
A conference is being held in Dublin today to raise awareness of PANDAS syndrome.
# messers
Everyone with kids will understand this man's adorable panda struggle
The little messers.
# Bamboozling
Edinburgh Zoo's panda is "no longer pregnant"
It is not known whether Tian Tian had a miscarriage.
# never let me go
Baby panda loves his zookeeper so much he refuses to let go of his leg
One baby panda for the office pet, please.
# sad panda
Edinburgh Zoo says its giant panda may have had a miscarriage
Tian Tian is now past her due date and the zoo has warned that it may be “bad news”.
# faq for the dod
UberFacts tweeted a fake panda 'fact' from David O'Doherty's book
Bad news, fact fans.
# panda-monium
Watch these panda cubs grow from tiny pink yokes to cuddly panda toddlers
# baby love
This mama panda cuddling her baby is almost lethally adorable
They had been apart since the cub’s birth a month ago.
# enough
13 animals who are just a bit fed up
They’ve had it.
# randy pandy
VIDEO: This is the most important panda sex you'll ever see*
*Probably. It was on the news. It’s that important.
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Baby Red Pandas Are Breaking Our Squeeometer
You’re welcome. More photos inside.
# Friday Slideshow
It's Friday! So here's a slideshow of pandas from around the world
Did you miss us?
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Panda Awareness Week Pic of the Day
No comment.
# Pandas
In pictures: pandas in training
*Note: There are real pandas in these photos, not just people dressed as pandas…
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The Daily Fix: Tuesday
All the biggest news stories from the day, as well as any of the bits and pieces you may have missed.
# Mating
VIDEO: Giant pandas meet for the very first time
Made for each other…
# Daily Fix
The Daily Fix: Sunday
In tonight’s Fix: Enda preps for his address to the nation; some thoughts and opinions on a crucial week ahead for the country; and just what is the ‘Panda Express?’
# Pandas
Two giant pandas from China land in Scotland
The Scottish government has said the loan of the pandas symbolises a “growing friendship” between Scotland and China.
# Awwww
New arrivals at Dublin Zoo (Photos)
Dublin Zoo has recently welcomed two new red panda cubs and a baby calf hippo. We have the (adorable) photos.