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# parallel parking

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# like a glove
These prototype wheels would make parallel parking an easier task
Ever see a car move sideways before?
# parallel parking
Non-drivers will never understand the joy of nailing the perfect parallel park
# parallel parking
Woman awarded €16k in damages after suffering whiplash when driver 'tipped' her car
The woman said she suffered injuries to her neck and left shoulder.
# Beep beep
This video of the world's tightest parallel park is wildly impressive
Teach us your ways, parking master.
# drifting
Watch the world record for the tightest parallel parking, it's actually unbelievable
Feed the wheel, feed the wheel.
# parking fail
Here's, by far, the saddest attempt at parallel parking you'll ever see
Prepare to feel a lot better about your driving.
# Fail
This parallel parking driver is insanely lucky
Definitely not advisable.
# hard right
Is this the world's worst attempt at parallel parking?
At 30+ minutes, we think it might be.
# park it
VIDEO: How's this for parallel parking?
Now THAT’S what we call a tight space.