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Bristol Rovers boss Joey Barton apologises for making controversial holocaust remark
‘Clearly no offence was meant, but some people have rightly pointed out to me the use of the analogy was not correct,’ said the former Man City and Newcastle United midfielder.
Nine sailors abducted by suspected pirates off African coast
The Gulf of Guinea has become one of the most dangerous maritime regions in the world.
The EU is continuing its war with Somali pirates
That is despite attacks essentially stopping in recent years.
Sailors held hostage for nearly five years 'ate rats' to survive
The men – from China, Indonesia, the Philippines, Cambodia and Taiwan – were captured by Somali pirates in 2012.
Microsoft is giving Windows 10 pirates an easier way to go official
It’s offering a one-click purchase option to US users that pirated Windows 10, and will expand it to other countries if successful.
MATHS WEEK: See how you do with Tuesday's pirate puzzle
Can you figure this one out?
A dead sound Pirates fan threw his ball to a girl and her reaction would melt a heart of stone
Shock as baseball fan does the decent thing.
Norwegian people aren't pirating music any more - here's why
The answer is pretty simple, it seems.
The day a radio contest literally melted-down Dublin's phone network
Pirates, the CRC, and porn: The week in numbers
Plus: How many Irish people used Swiss euthanasia clinic Dignitas last year?
Clampdown on Somali pirates leads to 40 per cent drop in incidents worldwide
15 incidents were attributed to Somali pirates last year — down from 237 in 2011.
Somali piracy is down 90 per cent from last year
New security measures take effect – but there are still “suspicious approaches” to ships.
Britney Spears' music is being used to scare away Somali pirates
Apparently they really can’t stand her.
Two Americans kidnapped by pirates off Nigerian coast
The US Navy and the Marine Corps had not yet received orders to intervene.
Game of Thrones makers think illegal downloading is "better than an Emmy"
Land of torrents and files.
Four LulzSec hackers sentenced to jail for "cowardly and vindictive" attacks
“You cared nothing for the privacy of others but did everything you could through your computer activities to hide your own identities while seeking publicity,” a judge told the four men.
Women 'embarrassed' after dressing as pirates to meet former Somali hostage
“There he was delivering this harrowing story about how he was held hostage and feared for his life, and we were all sitting there dressed as Captain Hook.”
7 ways to celebrate International Talk Like A Pirate Day
Arrr! It’s today, me hearties.
EU carries out air strikes on Somali pirates
Attack helicopters took part in the attacks early this morning along the coastline of Somalia.
Kidnapped British woman freed by Somali pirates
Judith Tebbutt and her husband David were kidnapped in September. David was killed during the attack – a fact Judith, who spent six months in captivity, did not find out until weeks after.
In pictures: Passengers finally escape crippled Costa Allegra
So, er, where’s my suitcase?
Two hostages dead after pirates hijack ship off Somali coast
The Danish warship had been following the hijacked vessel for several days before attempting to board it.
Iran welcomes US rescue of sailors from pirates
Iran’s government has called the US Navy’s rescue of 13 Iranian fishermen held by pirates “a positive humanitarian gesture” – but some of the country’s media outlets see things differently.
The Daily Fix: Thursday
In tonight’s fix: Irish people’s biggest worry for 2012, a rise in the number of tourists visiting Ireland (finally!) – and time travel exists. Kind of.
Armed ship called in to protect Volvo Ocean Race from pirates
Director Jack Lloyd declares the race’s anti-piracy plan a success following delicate eight-hour operation.
Frenchwoman abducted in Kenya dies weeks after kidnapping
The 66-year-old woman was taken from her rented house on a Kenyan island earlier this month by suspected Somali militants.
The Daily Fix: Wednesday
In tonight’s Fix: The latest in the Áras race; sparks fly between RTÉ and TV3; and can we tell what babies are thinking?
Pirates attack Italian ship near Somalian coast
Some 23 crew members were aboard the vessel, which was reportedly attacked by five armed men.
Somali pirates receive life in jail for fatal hijacking
Four American citizens were killed earlier this year after their yacht was hijacked by Somali pirates off the coast of Oman.
The Daily Fix: Sunday
In this evening’s fix: the latest from the presidential campaign trail and the Sinn Féin/Fine Gael war of words, 700 arrested in New York, and an early Halloween fright…
Suspected pirates take Frenchwoman from Kenya to Somalia
Kenyan and French authorities are working to free Marie Dedieu from her captors in Somalia. She was abducted amid a shoot-out on the sea yesterday.
Pirates kidnap elderly Frenchwoman from Kenyan resort
The woman, who uses a wheelchair to get around, was taken from her home on Manda Island this morning.
Danish family kidnapped over six months ago released by Somali pirates
The family, including three teenagers, and two crew members were kidnapped by pirates as they sailed in the Indian Ocean – a piracy hotspot.
The week in photos
This is the week that was, in pictures.
Blackbeard's anchor recovered off coast of North Carolina
The anchor of the Queen Anne’s Revenge – weighting well over a tonne and measuring 11 feet long – is salvaged.
Somali pirates take multi-million dollar ransom - but keep hostages
Pirate group deviates from own practice of ransom-then-release in retaliation for the Indian navy’s arrest of over 100 pirates.
Indian navy captures 61 pirates in Arabian Sea
A hijacked fishing boat from Mozambique is reclaimed after Indian ships exchange gunfire, a military statement says.
Danish family and crew snatched by Somali pirates in the Indian Ocean
The incident happened last week but the Danish government has only announced it now as they attempt to rescue the captured family and their crew.