Dublin: 8 °C Saturday 1 April, 2023

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US polar vortex: Conditions to finally warm up as 'Spring-like' weather expected next week
“I don’t think there’s ever been a case where we’ve seen (such a big) shift in temperatures.”
# arctic chill
Photos: Polar vortex sinks temperatures as low as -40 as the US braced for freezing cold
The cold led US President Donald Trump to tweet about “global waming (sic)”.
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Why you don't need to worry about an Arctic storm this winter
Ireland is set for the mildest run-ups to Christmas it has had for quite a while.
# Lucky Escape
After 3 days stuck in a frozen drainpipe, this cat has a nice warm home
Piper was ‘muddy, emaciated and hypothermic’. But he made it!
# got the boot
Watch this greyhound do a little tap dance in his snow booties
Where’d his feet go? This poor doggy doesn’t know.
# Polar Vortex
It's official --- Hell has frozen over...
Hell, Michigan that is.
# f-wee-zing
Here's what happens when you pee outside in below freezing weather
All in the name of science, obviously.
# Polar Vortex
Temperatures colder than Mars cause 21 deaths across the United States
The extreme cold weather is causing chaos across the United States and Canada as temperatures plunge as low as -37 degrees Celsius.
# on the run
Escaped convict turned himself in because it was 'too cold'
Robert Vick thought better of his decision to escape prison in Kentucky.
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This is what happens when you jump on a frozen trampoline
# United States
What is the 'polar vortex' sweeping across the US, and how did it form?
The weather system is sweeping across the States right now causing temperatures to drop to dozens of degrees below 0.
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US prepares for 'polar vortex' which could plunge temperatures to -51 degrees Celsius
Exposed skin could suffer frostbite in as little as five minutes in such conditions as the US National Weather Service described the weather as “life-threatening.”