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29th January 2023 - 2nd February 2023
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Poll: Will you switch to an electric vehicle?
New research shows that demand for EVs is growing strongly.
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Poll: Would you like to see homework scrapped?
Michael D Higgins argues that the time could be better spent allowing youngsters to partake in more creative pursuits outside school hours.
# Micro-renewables
Daily Poll: Do you have solar panels?
Many home-owners opt for solar panels as a way to reduce their carbon footprint and their dependency on fossil fuels.
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22nd January 2023 - 28th January 2023
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Poll: Do you ever take domestic flights in Ireland?
UK regional carrier Flybe ceased trading today.
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Poll: What's your favourite Steven Spielberg film?
The Hollywood veteran’s latest film is hitting Irish cinemas today.
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Poll: Do you support the US and EU countries sending tanks to Ukraine?
The US and Germany have pledged to to provide Ukraine with modern tanks.
# school places
Daily Poll: Should schools be able to reserve places for the children of past pupils?
Currently, schools are allowed to reserve 25% of places for the children of past pupils.
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Poll: Do you support changing to an opt-out organ donor system?
The Dáil is debating a motion today on legislation that concerns organ donation.
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Poll: Would you use Revolut as your main bank?
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# 2023
Poll: Are you over January?
A time for new beginnings? Or a month that you’ll be glad to see the back of?
Last month
January 2023
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Poll: Have you dropped any of your New Year's Resolutions yet?
A tsunami of new gym members is common in gyms across the country this month, although there can be a dropoff come February.
# Banshees of Inisherin
Poll: Have you been to the cinema lately?
A host of Irish films and actors have been nominated this awards season.
# 2023
Poll: Are you sticking to your New Year's resolutions?
The cold weather may have deterred those who vowed to get out and about in the evenings.
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Poll: Have you avoided a GP visit in the past year due to the cost?
The state could extend free GP care to all in 2026 at a cost of between €381 million and €881 million.
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Poll: Should Sipo receive additional powers to deal with politicians who break rules?
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Poll: Should the government parties audit all Ministers' property interests?
There has been calls for the move following the resignation of Fine Gael TD Damien English.
Poll: Have you taken down your Christmas decorations?
They are to come down by 6 January according to tradition.
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Poll: Do you wear a face covering in crowded settings?
The Taoiseach has played down calls for a mask mandate.
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Poll: Will you watch the Golden Globes?
The awards are back on air after controversy took them off screen last year.
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Poll: Would you intervene if you saw someone littering?
A new survey has found that Irish cities are improving on litter, but some are still struggling to stay clean.
# nollaig na mban
Poll: Do you celebrate Nollaig na mBan?
Nollaig na mBan is a traditional day for women to relax after a busy Christmas period.
# screen time
Poll: Do you limit your screen time on your smart devices?
Let us know.
# Your Say
Poll: Will you read Prince Harry's book?
Spare will be released on 10 January.
# New Year's Resolution
Poll: Are you making a New Year’s resolution?
Is 2023 the year you make or break a habit?
Last year
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Poll: Are you going out tonight?
Or are you not bothered will all that nonsense?
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Poll: Will you regift any Christmas presents?
Or is there no such thing as an unwanted present in your life?
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Poll: When will you take down your Christmas decorations?
Will you wait until 6 January or have you taken everything down already?
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Poll: Have you planned any trips abroad for 2023?
Let us know.
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Poll: Do you have any Christmas leftovers left over?
They can only last for so long.
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Poll: Will you go shopping in St Stephen's Day sales?
Would you go out looking for a deal or will you be too stuffed with Roses and turkey?
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Poll: Do you have a Christmas crib in your house?
We’ve examined the origins of the traditional nativity scene.
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Poll: Have you finished your Christmas shopping?
The annual last-minute rush is well underway across the country.
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In 2009, 60% of people thought it was a 'good time' to buy a house. Now? That figure is 14%
That has dropped from 60% in December 2009.
# Your Say
Poll: Have you seen Casablanca?
The iconic film, which turns 80 this year, is the subject of our Voices column today.
# Poll
Poll: Are you taking part in a swim or run this Christmas?
What way will you celebrate the day – moving, or not moving?
# Poll
Musk says he will step down as Twitter chief once he finds 'someone foolish enough to take job'
More than 57% of users who voted in a Twitter poll Musk posted on Sunday night said he should step down.
# Your Say
Poll: Do you send Christmas cards?
Do you have a Christmas-card list, and are you checking it twice?
# should i stay or should i go?
Twitter users vote to oust Elon Musk as CEO
Musk tweeted the 12-hour poll at 11.20pm last night.
# royal watcher
Poll: Have you watched any of Harry & Meghan's Netflix documentary?
You’ve probably heard about it anyway.
# Your Say
Poll: Will you watch the World Cup final?
Argentina will take on reigning champions France in the final today.