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Poll: Should there be mandatory health checks for driving licence renewals?
1st March 2024
Poll: Would you use a drone food delivery service?
This week
25th February 2024 - 2nd March 2024
Poll: Will you watch the Celebrity Big Brother reboot?
Poll: Would you like to see Gaelic games included in the Olympics?
Poll: Should tanning beds be banned?
Poll: Have you renewed your TV licence since the RTÉ scandal started?
Poll: Cillian Murphy has scooped another award for Oppenheimer - have you seen the film?
Last week
18th February 2024 - 2nd March 2024
Poll: Today is Ireland Reads day - How many books do you read in a year?
Poll: Which Beatle would you most like to watch a film about?
Poll: Should you be able to claim tax back on your gym membership?
Poll: Should Ireland have a dedicated transport police?
Poll: Should the Barbie movie be on the Leaving Cert English syllabus?
Poll: How much should the Tooth Fairy pay for a tooth?
Poll: Have you watched all the movies nominated for Best Film at the Bafta awards?
Last month
February 2024
Voters across all age groups hold moderate view on EU climate action
Poll: Have you used the Deposit Return Scheme yet?
Poll: How important is the Guinness two-part pour?
Poll: How should RTÉ be funded?
Poll: Do you prefer American-style pancakes or crepes?
Poll: Who will win in today's Ireland v Italy Six Nations game?
Majority of people favour 'more closed' immigration policy, new poll shows
Poll: Do you support plans to divert through traffic away from Dublin city centre?
Poll: Is Joe Biden too old to run for US President?
Poll: What is the right age for a child to own a smartphone?
Poll: Should the Irish women's basketball team boycott their match against lsrael?
Poll: Should SUV owners be charged more for parking in Dublin?
Poll: Do you pay attention to Northern Ireland politics?
Poll: Would you support limiting teenagers to restricted phones until they turn 16?
Poll: Are you travelling this bank holiday weekend?
Poll: Should Sinn Féin boycott the White House this St Patrick's Day?
January 2024
Poll: Have you ever watched Suits?
Poll: Should disposable vapes be banned in Ireland?
Poll: Will you listen to Oliver Callan's new radio slot?
Poll: Will you use the new deposit-return scheme to get rid of empty cans and bottles?
Support for Sinn Féin at lowest point since last general election
Poll: Are you happy with Ireland's act for Eurovision 2024?
Poll: Will you watch tonight's Eurosong contest?
Poll: Will you watch Jon Stewart's return to The Daily Show?
Poll: Should Margot Robbie have received an Oscar nomination?
Poll: Who do you think will win the Division 1 football league title?