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7 ways to instantly posh up your beans on toast
Take the staple to the next level.

BEANS ON TOAST is the specialty of many college students around Ireland. But as they go on to bigger and better things, so must their humble meal.

Here’s how to make them pop.

1. Italian beans on toast

If you want to get really fancy, you can make your own beans in tomato sauce, Italian style. Spruce it up with some cannellini beans, chopped tomatoes, onion, basil, cloves and panchetta, all on a nice ciabatta.

Never be accused of being lazy again. Recipe here.

img_7531 realitalianfoodies realitalianfoodies

2. Cheesy beans on toast

There is little that can’t be improved by adding a heap of cheese to it, let’s be honest. Cheesy beans on toast will take your comfort food to the ultimate extremes. This recipe is proper indulgent, with beans on spring onion and cheese sourdough, marinaded with treacle, brown sugar and mustard. Mmm.

Get the full recipe.

VLUU P1200  / Samsung P1200 theenglishkitchen theenglishkitchen

If you’re feeling extra brave, try putting a bit of feta in the mix.

A1OKNhkCQAA7X5t Jamie Scahill Jamie Scahill

3. Reggae Reggae Style Beans on toast

Massively popular on lazy chef message board, all you need is a bottle of this.

41BemLAoabL._SY300_ Amazon Amazon

Simply add to the beans in the pot while cooking, and scoop onto some bread with lashings of butter. Delish.

4. Chili chorizo beans

This is unreal nutritious so you can be good while being bold. Again, it involves making your own beans so won’t be for the lazy among us.

It’ll be worth the effort though, promise. Make it like this.

chilli-chorizo-beans_main Fitnaturally Fitnaturally

5. Add an egg

Like cheese, eggs improve. You’ve never really realised that all your beans were missing was a perfectly fried egg.


6. Spicy beans and pepperoni with fried egg

We’ve getting heavy now. Basically this is a breakfast on a slice of toast and an absolutely killer hangover basher, we’ll bet. Recipe here.

Screen-Shot-2013-11-06-at-10.59.42-AM foodrepublic foodrepublic

7. Spice it up

If you’re looking for something a little simpler, try adding chopped chili, Tabasco sauce, or curry powder before you add it to toast.

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