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This year
Government urged to investigate soaring baby formula prices as families struggle
An official UK investigation found manufacturers have hiked prices more than their costs increased – and enjoyed high profit margins.
St Vincent de Paul has noted an increase in callers struggling with infant formula costs.
Families who use it spend hundreds of euro per year on formula, and prices have climbed 18-22% since 2021.
A new probe is underway into Britain's market, which like Ireland's is dominated by Nestlé and Danone.
Last year
Varadkar says he'll reveal plans for eviction ban and cost-of-living supports in mid-February
All time
CSO: Property price jumps higher outside of the capital as growth continues to slow
Publicans warn of 'huge threat' due to 'doubling and tripling' of energy bills
Prices in Ireland are 9.6% higher than this time last year, new figures show
Hotels group says 'commentary' misses how supply problems are causing cost increases
Irish inflation hits 8.2%, above Eurozone average, as Sinn Féin proposes cash payment for workers
Taoiseach can't rule out Ireland slipping into recession, calls for greater EU flexibility on VAT
Ireland follows Europe's lead as package aimed at surging household costs to be unveiled today
SSE Airtricity to increase electricity prices from September
New Year starts with 'significant' increase in price of petrol and diesel
The average cost of a house in Dublin is now €383,000
Airtricity customers to see price hike of up to €140 per year
Average rents in Dublin have hit a new record high of €1,875 a month
Some Dublin Bus, rail, and Luas prices will go up from January - others will go down
These are the price differences in alcohol and cigarettes across the border that Noonan is monitoring
Poll: Are Dublin hotel rooms over-priced?
Ireland has the highest alcohol prices in the EU (almost double the average)
The average age of first-time home buyers is going up and up
Bad news for Irish motorists as petrol and diesel prices set to hike
Almost 100,000 Irish homes are still in negative equity...
Man in court for tampering with meters so he could offer 'cheaper' gas and electricity
In Photos: This is what a €10,000 a month house in Dublin city looks like
Electricity and gas bills are going to get cheaper for some people
ISIS circulates price list for sex slaves
Drinking wine in Ireland is expensive. Really, really expensive
Has the price of these houses changed much in the past four years?
Take 4: Homes for every budget
Petrol prices are going up, up, up again...
Take 4: Homes for every budget
This week’s vital property news: The new Daft report and a cap on the property tax
How much rent would you have been paying in the 1990s?
Your electricity bills are going to get more expensive in a couple of years
Lack of office space a real headache for companies looking to set up shop
Poll: Is it OK that hotels increase room prices for big events?
TSB customers may be about to get a nice windfall after lender withdraws court bid
VHI customer? A small bit of good news for you
Why aren't our electricity and gas bills coming down?
Property prices in Dublin are 25% higher than this time last year...
Here's how much Google's new Nexus devices will cost you