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May 2024
Trashing the place: 'The actual state of litter in Ireland'
Niamh O'Reilly
This year
Public has 'embraced' Re-turn scheme for bottles and cans, Smyth tells Climate Committee
Opinion: Enough of the greenwashing - we cannot recycle our way out of our waste problems
Lyndsey O’Connell
Opinion: We must rethink recycling for Ireland’s Circular Economy and stop penalising consumers
Fearghal Carroll
Deposit return scheme has collected over 5.6 million drinks containers since 1 February
Deposit return scheme operator issues further guidance on containers without the Re-turn logo
Deposit Return Scheme: 'We are finally seeing the value in the small everyday products we use'
Colin O'Byrne
A deposit return scheme for cans and plastic bottles begins today; here's all you need to know
Poll: Will you use the new deposit-return scheme to get rid of empty cans and bottles?
What is the new deposit-return scheme for bottles and cans and how will it work?
The scheme is being rolled out from Thursday.
Last year
New requirement for all households to have brown bin from January 'won't be an overnight change'
Just 28% of plastic packaging recycled as country remains off track to meet EU targets
Two thirds of general waste could've been recycled or composted, EPA finds
Ireland at risk of missing plastic recycling targets, with most plastic waste incinerated
Data concerns are deterring people from recycling tech products, research finds
Tánaiste pledges review of waste collection as Dáil hears clashes over Panda's brown bin charge
New waste regulations to include incentivised charging and segregation for commercial waste
All time
The Explainer x Noteworthy: What happens to your soft plastic recycling?
Soft plastic is being collected but almost all burned in Irish kilns or recycled abroad
Rising levels of waste making it difficult to increase recycling rates, EPA warns
E-waste warning as record number of electrical items recycled
Urgent action needed over 'worryingly low' plastic packaging recycling rates, says EPA
Regulations have been signed for a Deposit Return Scheme for plastic bottles and aluminium cans
Opinion: Recycling soft plastics is fine but we must simply stop using them
Mindy O'Brien
More than one million tonnes of packaging waste created in Ireland for third year in a row
Soft plastics can now be placed in Irish recycling bins
€490k new funding announced to help create a 'circular economy' in Ireland
Irish people recycled a lot of electrical waste last year - mostly kettles
EPA warns 'single-use and throwaway culture' leading to significant waste levels and decline in recycling
Ban on some single-use plastic and levy on disposable cups: The government's plan to tackle waste
Nationwide post-lockdown electrical goods buying spree sees record recycling levels
Poll: Is on-street recycling a good idea?
Dublin City Council considers re-trial of street recycling bins
McDonald's to trial recycling unwanted plastic toys into new products such as coffee cups
Coffee cups to be hit with levy of up to 25 cent under new plastic crackdown plans
Ireland's first reverse vending machine allows people to recycle plastic bottles in return for 10c vouchers
'Can we get away from plastics? No. Can we use plastics better? Yes.'
Ireland surpasses all EU recycling targets including plastics, glass and metal
These unique new labels are to make recycling easier in Ireland
Canada is planning to ban single-use plastics as early as 2021