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# Rent

This year
Rent price hikes are finally dropping in Dublin but are rising everywhere else
Last year
Latest RTB report shows highest annual hike in new rents since the series began
Threshold worked with over 12,000 households deemed at risk of homelessness last year
People who rent are now paying over €3,500 more per annum than mortgage holders
Threshold calls for NCT-style inspections of rental properties over concerns about poor standards
Rent tax credit to rise to €750 next year
Fewer than 50,000 renters have claimed the Rent Tax Credit so far this year
Rent for sitting tenants is over 15% lower than rent for newer tenants in similar properties
Average rent for new tenancies in Ireland rose by almost 9% year-on-year
Over 5,700 notices to quit issued to tenants in second quarter after eviction ban lifted
Average rent in Dublin is over €2,300 - but rises have stabilised since last quarter
Number of pensioners renting from private landlords has doubled since 2011
Irish households generally don't spend more income on housing compared to elsewhere in Europe
Rents rise 1% in first three months of 2023
Irish Government ‘will move heaven and earth’ for older renters facing eviction, says minister
Cian O'Callaghan: Owners of vacant properties should either use it, rent it or sell it
Cian O'Callaghan
Varadkar: 'Demonisation' of landlords caused rent hikes and reduced housing supply
Threshold says 40% of tenancy terminations for property sale were invalid in last quarter of 2022
Minister to assess how co-living developments can be brought under rent legislation
All time
Threshold answered a call every 20 minutes from private renters facing eviction so far this year
Housing minister welcomes mortgage rule change but concerns raised about house price increases
Landlord group says it has 'deep-rooted' reservations about potential eviction ban
Winter eviction ban being kept under review, says Taoiseach
€1,000 rent credit just a 'starting point', as housing minister says Govt will look to increase it
FactCheck: Is the renters' €500 tax credit just worth seven days' rent in Dublin?
Landlord group 'shocked' at lack of supports as Donohoe says rent freeze won't work
New tax credit worth €500 to be introduced for renters
FactFind: How many current TDs own houses that they rent out?
Poll: Do you want to see a rent freeze?
Donnelly says he doesn't believe his failure to renew RTB registration warrants his resignation
'Unacceptable': Sinn Féin warn Meath TD over lapse in rental property RTB registration
'I don't say it lightly': Housing crisis is a breach in the social contract, says Tánaiste
Action on rental sector 'does not necessarily' need to be on Budget day, says Varadkar
'It's quite demoralising': Dozens queue for over an hour to view three-bed rental in Dublin
Tax breaks for landlords a 'good idea', but renters should get concessions too, says Varadkar
Census shows 166,000 vacant properties in Ireland, with over 48,000 vacant for six years
Conditions attached to 15,000 planning permissions to prevent bulk purchasing by investors
Report on increasing HAP rates released soon as pressure mounts on government over homelessness
Poll: Do you struggle to pay your rent?
House price growth reaches seven year high at over 15%