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11 priceless tourist reviews of The Spire in Dublin

“I actually walked straight passed it as I was looking on my phone”

Source: AP/Press Association Images

ONE OF DUBLIN’S most prominent landmarks, The Spire divides Irish people like no other.

But what do visitors make of it? Well…

1. It’s easy to miss, apparently

walkingpast Source: TripAdvisor

I actually walked straight passed it as I was looking on my phone

Ah now.

The Spire of Dublin Source: Iker Merodio | Photography

2. Others weren’t impressed when they did see it

walkingpast1 Source: TripAdvisor

3. Sure look, it’s there for you when you really need it

stars Source: TripAdvisor

The Monument of Light Source: Daniel Dudek-Corrigan

4. And it’s able to “make you feel small”

imps Source: TripAdvisor


5. You’re not allowed to climb it, unfortunately

To me it is basically a metal toothpick in the middle of O’Connell St in front of the GPO. It is the highest monument in Ireland now but you cannot climb up it or anything like that.

SPIRE OF LIGHT, DUBLIN, IRELAND Throw a ladder up the side of it, be grand Source: infomatique

6. “This Millennium tooth pick”

toothpicl Source: TripAdvisor

7. The bottom has been compared to sellotape

Whether it looks nice or not is at best subjective. I think the bottom of it looks disgusting; the ‘patterns’ look like the sellotape remains of a poster wall.

THE SPIRE - DUBLIN Source: infomatique

Tell us what you really think.

8. It’s all down to the Celtic Tiger and hubris, according to one tourist

I’m sure others have said the same, but what is the point? Bring back Nelson’s Pillar I say, at least the scale was in keeping with the street. The spire will help you find the Post Office, but I can’t say much else in its favour. I suspect it links ‘Celtic Tiger’ and ‘hubris’.

9. The enthusiasm is palpable here

It’s a big tall metal pole. I guess it looks cool from far away. May as well check it out since you are here I suppose.

10. While another was terrified

fright Source: TripAdvisor

11. And finally, this person’s experience of The Spire was interesting to say the least

Top tip: don’t get into religious debates with the fundamentalists who congregate in the general area around the base. They have microphones and hired help, which will ensure that the subtle nuances of your questions will remain unanswered.


The Dublin Spire Source: mattpicturefun

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