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The 11 key types of graffiti in your old schoolbooks

Boyzone stickers 4 eva.

THE SCHOOLBOOK IS the window to the soul. Here’s what any self-respecting example needed:

1. Your name with different surnames

Source: DailyEdge.ie

Mainly of your celebrity love idol, obviously. Just waiting for the day when they notice you and (obviously) marry you on the spot.

The more different fonts, the better.

2. Innovative alterations to the text

Source: Facebook/Zozimus Bookshop


3. Stickers

Source: DailyEdge.ie

So many stickers. Also, stickers were made with some kind of space-age superglue that meant once you put them on, you could NEVER remove them, ever.

So you had to really mean it.

4. Your life manifesto

Source: Tumblr

Otherwise how will people know what you stand for?

5. Examples of you practising a ‘cool’ signature

Source: AmberStrocel

6. Your fave bands

Source: Imgur

If people don’t know what music you’re into, how will they know how cool you are?

7. Insults that could potentially get you in trouble

Source: Imgur

The above is a case where somebody wrote a rude phrase in a library book, and the teachers traced it back to his handwriting. CSI Community College or what?

8. Latest romance news

Often crossed out, altered, graffitied by other people writing ‘NO’ on it, etc.

9. ‘Helpful’ notes in library books

Source: Imgur


10. Deep and meaningful song lyrics

Source: Imgur

Because you were having a lot of feelings at the time. A lot of feelings.

11. And alterations to textbook photos

Source: Imgur

Which may lead to things like this

Source: Imgur

Those were the days.

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