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Last year
# Climate Failure
US Supreme Court limits government powers to curb greenhouse gases
The decision sets back Biden’s hopes of using the EPA to bring down emissions to meet global climate goals.
All time
# travel ban upheld
US Supreme Court upholds Trump's refugee restrictions in travel ban case
The order was not the court’s last word on the travel policy that President Donald Trump first rolled out in January.
# Death Penalty
Supreme Court blocks last-minute attempt by Arkansas to execute murderer
Justices declined an appeal from the state’s attorney general to lift a stay barring the execution of Don Davis.
Victory for pro-choice movement as US Supreme Court strikes down Texas abortion rules
The ruling has been made in the most important abortion case in a generation.
# We Do
Gay weddings are the best, here's why
I now pronounce you…
# love wins
14 of the best reactions to the US marriage equality decision
Same-sex marriage is now legal across the whole of the US.
America will let this Muslim prisoner grow a beard
The nine justices acknowledged the validity of prison officials’ security concerns — that inmates could hide weapons or other contraband inside their whiskers.
# coast to coast
In three months, gay marriage could be legal in all 50 US states
The Supreme Court is being asked if a ban in four states is allowed under the constitution.
# Amen
US Supreme Court divided but the right to pray at Government meetings stays
At issue were town meetings in Greece, New York, where clergy had been invited to offer a prayer, which in the last eight years had been exclusively Christian.