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Last week
16th June 2024 - 22nd June 2024
Soc Dems, Sinn Féin, People Before Profit and independents form alliance on Dublin City Council
Labour pulls out of DCC 'progressive alliance' talks over disagreements on Local Property Tax
This month
June 2024
Sinn Féin's Michelle O’Neill tells unity rally that Casement Park will be 'built on my watch'
Sinn Féin's Michelle O’Neill tells unity rally that Casement Park will be 'built on my watch'
'Maybe we took our eye off the ball': Sinn Féin reflects on its poor election performance
Restorative justice referrals in 2019 were less than 1%, and 2023 figures don't look any better
Sinn Féin to rejoin with The Left group in EU after ambiguity around decision
Mixed messages on Sinn Féin’s chances in the Midlands-North-West as counting continues
Sinn Féin ‘resigned’ to not winning a seat in Midlands-North-West as count continues
McDonald: It's 'obvious' Sinn Féin ran too many candidates but party ready for general election
Five key takeaways on what went wrong for Sinn Féin and what it needs to do to up its game
The party needs to spell out clearly what alternative it is offering the electorate.
Taoiseach says local elections an 'unmitigated disaster' for Sinn Féin and rules out early election
McDonald admits Sinn Féin 'disappointed' by local election results and needs to 'reflect'
'It hasn't been our day': Mary Lou McDonald says Sinn Féin must 'reflect' after poor local election result
The problem with affordable housing in Ireland - no one agrees how much it should cost
The story of the count so far: Good news for everyone, unless you're Sinn Féin
As it stands, Fine Gael may sneak ahead to become the biggest party in local government.
Coalition bullish and sticks the boot in, saying predictions of SF-led Govt ‘have been shattered’
Questions are being asked today around whether Sinn Féin has run too many candidates across the country.
SF has slumped in the polls - we spoke to grassroots members about what needs to change
Sinn Féin may yet make major gains at the polls this week, but its grassroots say the leadership isn’t listening on major issues.
We read local election manifestos so you don't have to: Here's what the 3 big parties promise
McDonald rules out Help-to-Buy 'cliff-edge' for buyers who 'baked in' deposit to their calculations
Warmth, apathy and one 'don't come near my house': On the trail with Sinn Féin in west Dublin
The Journal joined Sinn Féin’s housing spokesperson as he knocked on doors in Lucan ahead of Friday’s election.
Sinn Féin not seeking to outsource processing of asylum seeker applications to other countries
The campaign trail: FG have a wall to climb and Clare Daly has a Hollywood star in her corner
Here’s the roundup of some of the weird, wacky and unexpected on the campaign trail so far.
Last month
May 2024
Independents remain most popular, while Fine Gael and Fianna Fáil overtake Sinn Féin in latest poll
However, Sinn Féin remains the most popular party among younger voters ahead of the European elections.
Fine Gael is now the most popular political party among those polled, but Fianna Fáil and Sinn Féin are close behind
Around 23% of people intend to vote for independent candidates in the European elections next Friday
McDonald says 'traitors and sell outs' label directed at Sinn Féin not defining feature of campaign
Man arrested after allegedly carrying knife and acting in 'threatening' manner at Parnell Square
Support for Sinn Féin drops, narrowing lead on Fine Gael in pre-election polling
SF MEP candidate and incumbent MP Michelle Gildernew will not contest British general election
Fine Gael feeling 'confident' as they jump and Sinn Féin slump in latest Irish Times poll
'Hang traitors' graffiti is a threat to 'kill politicians' and cannot go unchallenged, TD says
Michelle O’Neill apologises for attending Bobby Storey’s funeral during Covid lockdown
Building commencements on new homes hit approximately 18,000 in April alone, Cabinet to hear
Independent candidates overtake Sinn Féin as voters' top choice ahead of European elections
Independents and others have seen a large jump in support in recent weeks, according to a new opinion poll.
Almost a quarter of people (24%) plan to vote for candidates classed as 'independents and others' on 7 June
The next most popular choice is Sinn Féin on 22% (down one point)
Sinn Féin is the most popular party among younger voters, while Fine Gael is the preferred party for over 65s
Northern Ireland Economy Minister Conor Murphy steps down from role on medical grounds
Sinn Féin MP running in European elections says party 'won't be going centre-right'
PBP defends Sinn Féin's inclusion in voting pact offer despite rhetoric shifting 'rightwards'
April 2024
Mary Lou McDonald defends Sinn Féin's stance on 'open borders' following criticism
Support for Fianna Fáil slumps to two-year low as Independents make gains
FactCheck: Did Sinn Féin really propose spending €500m less on health than the Government?
The claim was made by Taoiseach Simon Harris last week in the Dáil.
Taoiseach: Comments from Sinn Féin about open borders 'should cause concern'