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Opinion: Is there now an argument for banning e-cigarettes in Ireland?
Des Cox
Revenue seizes more than €1 million worth of illegal cigarettes
Irish doctors monitoring US warnings about e-cigs after lung disease outbreak
New legislation to ban sale of e-cigarettes to people under the age of 18
'It's just not good behaviour': Hospital anti-smoking policy flouted by patients and visitors
Teen vapers are more likely to use sweet-flavoured e-cigarettes than adult vapers, study finds
Opinion: 'E-cigarettes may be an effective tobacco cessation tool but at what cost to society'?
Des Cox
Poll: Should hospitals breath-test pregnant women to check if they smoke?
New tool identifies which patients with COPD are at risk of death or serious complications
'It's not unusual to make six or more attempts': Dr Patrick Doorley on how to quit smoking in 2019
Nearly €20,000 was spent on cigarettes in the Dáil bar this year
500,000 people in Ireland have this condition, but half don't even realise
Smoking and diabetes have a greater impact on heart attack risk in women than men - study
Opinion: 'Many people don't believe social smoking is harmful - as a doctor, I know that's not true'
Des Cox
E-cigarette vapour can damage immune system in lungs, study suggests
Courts Service of Ireland reduces shares in Big Tobacco, but still holds €4.5m worth in stocks
Smoking, vaping or even having nicotine patches during pregnancy may increase the risk of cot death
Smoking causes 100 deaths and more than 1000 hospital admissions in Ireland every week
Offering free patches to employees who smoke doesn't help them quit - but giving them money does
There's been a massive drop in young teens smoking in Ireland
Cigarette butts make up more than half of the litter on Dublin's streets
75% of chronic pulmonary disease cases linked to childhood illnesses and parental smoking
Netflix criticised over amount of smoking in its original programmes
Poll shows support for ban on smoking outdoors near food
Giving up smoking? Most effective method makes it three and half times more likely for you to quit
Dr Des Cox
Police blame incident involving van in flames crashing into 18 pedestrians on 'smoking driver'
Carlow institute to bring in all-campus smoking ban from Valentine's Day
Over 300 retailers targeted in sting operations to see if they're selling cigarettes to under 18s
These lifestyle changes could help lower your risk of developing cancer
You're twice as likely to develop mental health problems if you smoke, HSE says
There are more quitters than smokers in Ireland
Smoking bans make married people happier than anyone else
Why is it so hard to quit smoking? Tiny worms may have the answers
Column: Should Irish companies give non-smokers extra days off?
Jason O'Callaghan
Poll: Do you think Irish people are health-conscious?
Tourists face €2.5k fine or a year in prison for smoking on Thailand's beaches
'Abstinence-only approach to nicotine has created undue fears about alternatives'
David T Sweanor
Courts Service of Ireland still holds €6 million worth of shares in tobacco companies
Poll: Should it be illegal to smoke in the same room as a child?
Column: '8 per cent of young people aged 10 to 17 smoke cigarettes'
Donal Buggy