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Woman finds 4ft boa constrictor living in her second-hand sofa

It had been in her bedroom furniture for two months.

Source: YouTube

THIS IS THE four-foot boa constrictor that Holly Wright found living inside a sofa in her bedroom. It had been inside the furniture for several weeks.

Wright found the second-hand sofa on the pavement in Grand Rapids, Michigan two months ago with a ‘free’ sign. She told local news station WZZM:

We smelled it and everything – it looked OK. We peeled off the cushions, cleaned it up, never saw anything.

Wright put the sofa in her bedroom and used it without incident – until last weekend, when the snake emerged. She said:

It was very lethargic. It didn’t really react or hiss, but when we poked it with a coat hanger it coiled up a little bit.

They then turned the couch over, tore the side and took the snake out before putting it in a box. Wright said they meant to take it to a vet, but it died before they could get help.

She told WZZM: “Funny, my room almost feels a little empty now.”

This video shows more:

Source: phildawsontv

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