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Yes, massive spiders are invading Irish homes and here’s why

But it’s not all bad news.

nsfl Source: Rob Hunt

THE TERRIFYING SPIDER photo, above, was spotted in Ireland this week and confirmed what many people know to be true:

That there are massive spiders invading Irish homes.

It’s been all over the nation’s newspapers

spiderhead2 Source: Irish Independent

And they have been spotted all over social media

But this is a regular occurrence, and nothing to be alarmed about.

Every year at this time, spiders are believed to flee the colder temperatures outside for the more pleasant heat of our gaffs. And as arachnologist Myles Nolan told DailyEdge.ie last year – they aren’t getting bigger.

But Trevor Hayden from Complete Pest Control told Spin 1038 that they do increase in size as the summer goes on:

They’ve been getting big all summer, and this is when they’re going looking for a mate.

But we’re lucky here in Ireland that they aren’t really dangerous – just ridiculously scary for some:

The spiders we have here are not threatening. Unfortunately what happens is some people get a nick – and the law of averages say that some people will react. Just like some people get stung by a bee. Some people will react quite badly to a spider bite. The majority of people wouldn’t even know they were bitten.

spiderhead Source: Sunday World

Hayden says that the spiders they usually catch are about an inch long:

I wouldn’t say there is a home in the country without spiders. Every home has them somewhere. People do have a fear of them but they are not actually causing a threat.

Well, that is comforting.

The weekend that was.. Source: gordonflood.com

Still, it doesn’t stop the absolute FEAR from gripping a large proportion of the population at the end of August

You definitely should try and get rid of them if you see them – as they will usually lay their eggs in the house.

As Hayden says, though, they will usually do this in the corners of rooms where walls meet walls – and it won’t happen on you.


An Evening's Work Destroyed Source: final gather

Spiders are expert climbers, and are really just intent on finding a dry, warm spot for themselves as outside gets colder and wetter. So they can reach the higher regions of the house.

The experiences for poor Irish people are real

But everything is going to be grand.

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