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Emma DeSouza: Should we really put a price on a United Ireland?
Emma DeSouza
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Oireachtas Golf Society told not to use state harp emblem as its logo
Joe Biden wins total of 306 electoral votes, with 232 for Donald Trump - US media
54% of women who had State pensions reviewed after 'cruel' 2012 changes will get more money
Landmark High Court challenge against State over peat regulations opens before High Court
'Cruel' State pension changes are still affecting thousands
Row breaks out in Alabama senate over 'foetal heartbeat' abortion law
Defence Forces representative group brings legal challenge against State over allowances
The government is paying €88m to rent private properties - but it also owns almost 100 empty buildings
Abused aged 6: 'I was screaming and had to be tied into a buggy with a rope to be brought to school'
State settles case with Drogheda family over death of eight-day-old baby
Elk dies after leaping at low flying helicopter
Poll: Does the State do enough to help parents with childcare costs?
Poll: Should the State relax free legal aid rules to cover more arrears cases?
Family suing gardaí after officers wrongly raided their home
Receptionist at child services company fired for visiting hardcore porn sites
How should we protect our national anthem? The Seanad wants your input
Civil service bullying: Government seeks firm to investigate future complaints
State spends €650k on WB Yeats' furniture and letters to his wife
FactFind: Why on earth hasn't Ireland ratified the UN's Convention on Disabilities?
Bishops have 'constructive' meeting with Varadkar and ministers
One US lotto player won $758 million dollars overnight
Puerto Rico votes to become 51st US state
'Neutrality and pluralism are not particularly good reasons for taking God out of our Constitution'
Dr Thomas Finegan
Residents' favourite foods withheld: The problems found in Ireland's care services
Grace case whistleblower says she's 'disappointed' with HSE's response
Gardaí should interview the surviving Bon Secour nuns over Tuam burial site, says TD
Ireland's top judge is worried about the country's reputation
Seven sex abuse victims dropped cases against the State after it sent them letters
15 things that are guaranteed to make Irish people feel old
Court clears way for deportation of man accused of being Isil's “main recruiter” in Ireland
Gay clubs are a sanctuary when being LGBT could get you killed
Conor Behan
Everything you need to know about the Easter Rising events in Dublin this weekend
Here’s how much it will cost if the state becomes a living wage employer
'Insulting Muslims diminishes us': Obama uses last State of the Union to take aim at Trump
Swimmer mauled in shark attack near Brisbane, Australia
'Sometimes you’d despair for humanity. And sometimes you’d be wrong'
Donal O'Keeffe
Loophole in vetting procedure leaves Irish children open to predators
'Quite startling': €31m of church property for redress fund yet to be transferred
'By getting on that train a group of brave women made the Catholic Church and the Irish state look ridiculous'
Arthur Riordan