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# Climate Change
ExxonMobil predicted global warming but dismissed its own research, study finds
The oil giant has faced accusations for years that it knew about the threat of global warming decades ago.
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# Research
Fossil ‘overturns more than a century of knowledge about origin of modern birds’
Each of the roughly 11,000 species of birds on Earth today is classified into one of two groups, based on the arrangement of their palate bones.
# Study
One in every five low paid workers in Ireland is aged over 50, report finds
Of the 420,000 low paid workers in Ireland, approximately 80,000 individuals are aged over 50.
# connected
Just over half of nine-year-olds own a phone, up 10% on ten years ago
The report has compared the lives of nine-year-olds in 2007/8 and nine-year-olds in 2017/18.
# Investigation
Rugby players face highly increased MND risk - study
Academics studied a cohort of former Scottish internationals.
# Study
Europe’s top clubs paid record-high price for injuries last season
Injury costs surpassed the half a billion pound mark for the first time last season.
Dogs can sniff out the scent of stress, new study from Belfast researchers suggests
Researchers say the skill could be useful when training service dogs and therapy dogs.
# Research
Inequalities in mortality rates across socio-economic and ethnic groups remain in Ireland
That’s according to research published today by the Economic and Social Research Institute (ESRI).
# Research
Schizophrenia and bipolar disorder 'may be detectable years before illnesses begin'
A new study led by UCD suggests the possibility of earlier intervention and even prevention of the illnesses.
# Research
Installing electric heat pumps in Irish homes could increase costs by up to 46%
The ESRI study found that retrofitting homes to a standard needed to support a heat pump was ‘by far’ the greatest driver of cost.
# native predators
Bringing native lynx and wolves back to Ireland could help curb damaging deer, research finds
Invasive species, such as sika deer, are “evolutionary naive” to native predators.
# Covid-19
Survey shows 1 in 10 people in Ireland blamed Covid-19 symptoms on 5G radiation
Young people, religious people, and those with fewer educational qualifications were the most likely to believe this.
# Study
Researchers seeking 120 former footballers for study into reducing risk of dementia
Several members of the 1966 England World Cup-winning squad, including Jack Charlton and Nobby Stiles, were suffering from dementia at the time of their deaths.
# final frontier
Astronomers observe most distant galaxy ever spotted
The galaxy candidate is some 13.5 billion light-years away, and scientists are speculating what exactly it is.
# The Lancet
Depression a 'neglected global health crisis' despite impacting one in 20 people each year - study
The study, commissioned by The Lancet, found that depression remains poorly recognised and misunderstood despite being a common condition.
# Benefit
Manchester United awarded most penalties in Europe’s ‘big five’ leagues – study
The Red Devils pipped Paris St Germain to top spot in the study, which covered England, France, Spain, Germany and Italy.
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# new research
Sauropod dinosaurs preferred warmer regions of Earth, study suggests
The findings suggest the long-necked animals may have had a different physiology from other dinosaurs.
# Growing Up
Strong relationships with parents, peers and teachers 'key to child and adolescent wellbeing'
The latest in the Growing Up In Ireland research is published today.
# i can't get no sleep
New Irish study finds link between poor sleep schedules and diseases like arthritis and cancer
The study was carried out by the RCSI.
# Misinformation
Sexual health education in Ireland not just outdated but 'often inaccurate', study finds
It found that 85% of young people have been exposed to misinformation about sexual health.
# man's best friend
Research finds pet dogs can predict owners' epileptic seizures
19 dogs demonstrated more behavioural changes when confronted by seizure-associated odours, compared with their response to control odours.
# Study
Pfizer vaccine's effectiveness against Delta variant 'declines faster' than AstraZeneca
Scientists said that the level of protection offered by both vaccines is still quite high.
# Study
'A hidden pandemic of orphanhood': One million children worldwide have lost a parent to Covid-19
A new study based Covid-19 orphanhood figures on mortality data from 21 countries accounting for 77% of global Covid-19 deaths.
# cure for liver ills
Drinking coffee associated with reduced risk of chronic liver disease new study claims
The benefit peaked at three to four cups per day, according to new research.
# Growing up in Ireland
Growing up in Ireland: Latest results from study give in-depth look at lives of country's nine-year-olds
The new report looks at the lives of young people who were aged nine in 2017/2018.
# Study
Microplastics in Irish waters 'pass up the food chain' into systems of humans and larger animals
The findings were contained in research carried out by scientists at UCC.
# nui galway
Noble false widow spider bites can require hospital treatment – study
A study confirms that some bite victims experience symptoms very similar to the true black widow spiders.
# good news
Israel study shows two doses of Pfizer vaccine give 95.3% protection from the virus
Over 70% of the population has received two doses of the vaccine.
# Study
Covid-19 vaccines mixing trial expands to include two additional jabs
The trial will investigate whether different vaccines can be used for first and second doses.
# screen time
Toddler tablet use linked to behavioural problems – study
Researchers said that increased screen time has ‘multiple risks’ for child wellbeing.
# Research
Significant drop in number of children drinking and smoking in the last two decades
More children reported feeling low and being on a diet compared with 1998.
# Minimum Wage
Minimum wage hike did not lead to higher labour costs – ESRI
There was no evidence that firms reduced their number of employees in response to the minimum wage increase.
# Coronavirus
Covid-19: UK researchers launch world-first study that will deliberately infect people with virus
The trial will start in the coming weeks.
# Misinformation
Believers in Covid-19 conspiracies in the UK less likely to accept vaccine, study shows
The research was carried out by the University of Bristol and King’s College London.
# Coronavirus
Self-isolation after contact with a Covid-19 case could be cut to seven days – study
New research has suggested that people who test negative after seven days of quarantine are unlikely to be infectious.
# Study
Possibility of 'long Covid' could be established in patients soon after they are infected
New research suggests why some people experience longer-lasting symptoms of the virus.
# Coronavirus
At least 20% of world population may not have access to Covid-19 vaccine until 2022, study warns
A second study estimates that 3.7 billion adults worldwide are willing to have a Covid-19 vaccine.
# Study
Irish scientists discover cause of 'skin-eating' conditions from False Widow spiders
The finding was the result of research carried out by scientists at NUI Galway.
# Research
Mouthwash can kill coronavirus within 30 seconds in laboratory tests, study finds
Professor David Thomas said although the study is very encouraging, more clinical research is now needed.
# esri report
Young people who talk to parents about relationships 'significantly more likely' to use contraception during sex
The findings are included in a report published today by the HSE and ESRI.