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# Aurora
Colorado shooting suspect pleads not guilty by reason of insanity
James Holmes will now undergo months of psychiatric testing to determine whether he was sane at the time.
# Aurora
Colorado cinema shooting suspect may plead not guilty by insanity
James Holmes entered a ‘not guilty’ plea by default – but lawyers may now plead insanity to spare the death penalty.
# Murder
Court hears of harrowing scenes at Aurora cinema shooting
One police officer recalled finding the youngest victim, a six-year-old girl, with no pulse.
# Cinema shootings
Court to hear details of Colorado theatre massacre
A week-long preliminary hearing will determine whether James Holmes, 25, will stand trial for the fatal shootings of 12 people last July.
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# Ohio
Ohio man brings weapons to Batman screening for 'protection'.
Scott A Smith brought guns, ammunition and knives into the theatre in Westlake in Ohio.
# Florida
Man facing charges over fracas at Batman screening in Florida
Over 100 people fled the cinema after man shouted “This is it” and donned black gloves at screening.
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# Aurora
Ashley Moser, injured mother of 6-year-old Colorado victim, suffers miscarriage
The 25-year-old was critically wounded in the Aurora cinema shooting earlier this month.
# Colorado
Colorado suspect 'was seeing university psychiatrist' before massacre
A court in Colorado has seen disputes over whether medical privilege covers contact between James Holmes and his doctor.
# Colorado
Colorado suspected gunman 'can't remember' shooting spree
Alleged killer James Holmes is repeatedly asking guards why he is in prison – claiming that he has no memory of the shooting which took place in a packed Colorado cinema last week.
# Colorado
Graphic shows every piece of equipment carried by the Colorado shooter
James Holmes purchased thousands of rounds of ammunition in the months prior to the attack.
# Shooting
VIDEO: Batman star Christian Bale pays tribute to Aurora victims
The actor visited the devastated city to meet with survivors as they recover in the local medical centre.
# Colorado
Judge bans cameras from courtroom in Colorado movie shooting case
Meanwhile, Christian Bale visited survivors of Friday’s shooting and lays flower at memorial.
# Colorado
Booby-trapped: bomb squad to try and enter suspect shooter's apartment
As details about the suspect emerge this morning, vigils for the victims of the horrific shooting are held across Colorado.
# Aurora
Colorado massacre: Shooting suspect 'not co-operating' with police - source
A police sources tells AP that James Holmes, 24, is refusing to speak to police at all, or answer any questions.
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# Colorado
Obama, Romney suspending campaigning after Colorado cinema massacre
The Democratic and Republican candidates both called off campaign rallies after the deaths of 12 cinemagoers in Aurora.
# Colorado
Mother of Colorado gunman tells TV news that police 'have the right person'
24-year-old James Holmes was arrested outside the Aurora cinema where 12 people were shot dead.
# Colorado
Colorado gunman named as 24-year-old local man - update
The gunman killed 12 people and wounded 38 at the Century 16 cinema in Aurora during a Batman screening.
# dark knight rises
PHOTOS: Are these Batman fans excited about the movie much?
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# Aurora
'He wasn't giving anyone a chance to get out' - witnesses recall Colorado cinema shooting
One witness has said he saw a little girl who had been shot.
# Colorado
Colorado shooting update: 12 dead, three-month-old baby among the injured
A suspect is in custody after the shooting at a Batman screening in Aurora. His apartment building has been evacuated because of concerns about explosives.
# Batman
Dark Knight Rises: Fans' reactions from first Irish screenings
Was it worth the hype?
# dark knight rises
Dark Knight Rises: Film site closes comments after death threats to critics users reacted with fury to critics who posted negative reviews of the film.
# Batmobile
VIDEO: The history of the Batmobile in three minutes
Batman’s car is getting its own spin-off documentary…
# dark knight rises
Batman villain Bane's voice 'based on Irish Traveller'
Actor Tom Hardy said he was inspired by the self-styled ‘King of the Gypsies’ for his voice in The Dark Knight Rises.
# possible spoiler
Did David Letterman give away a major Dark Knight spoiler on US TV?
He may have just been joking about a MAJOR detail of what happens in The Dark Knight Rises – but it’s hard to tell.
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# Mash-up
Video: The Dark Knight Rises vs The Lion King
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# Explosive
The Steelers' field gets eaten up in the new Batman movie
Watch the trailer to The Dark Knight Rises, which features some decent NFL cameos.
# Nerdgasm
The trailer for The Dark Knight Rises is out - and it's good.
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# Batman
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