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# The Dress

All time
# the dress part 2
Nobody is sure what colour this photo is... It's the dress all over again
A poll is the only way to decide this.
# Paint Job
People are losing it over this optical illusion of a girl's 'shiny legs'
It’s white paint though.
# not the same
This girl ordered a dress online and it definitely didn't live up to expectations
Comically bad.
# the jacket
Nobody can agree on what colour this jacket is
# Take a Break
Remember 'The Dress'? Well now it's a Halloween costume
Thought it had gone away?
# black and blue
The Dress that divided the internet is now a sexy Halloween costume
Start the arguments all over again.
# underwater or not
Nobody can decide what the hell is going on in this picture
Remember The Dress? This might be even more confusing.
# The Dress
The whole internet was duped into thinking this was Jennifer Aniston's wedding dress
It captured everyone’s imagination.
# Now you see me
8 optical conundrums that will make your brain hurt
They’re not tricks, they’re illusions.
Is this cat going up or down the stairs?
It’s The Dress all over again.
# the cat
Is this cat going up or down these stairs?
It”s been weeks since we had a new The Dress.
# The Dress
Here's why Jennifer Lopez is responsible for the invention of Google Images
Thanks, J. Lo!
# the lobster
This lobster is driving the internet crazy... it's like The Dress all over again
“Lobster in a bucket I know, I know, it’s serious”
# Overlooked
'Why is it so hard to see black and blue?: The Dress takes on domestic violence
Salvation Army is using the now iconic dress in an awareness campaign.
# no debate
The makers of #TheDress just released an official white and gold version
It’s BACK.
# The Dress
A man has only gone and tattooed #TheDress on himself
It’s blue and black, in case you were wondering.
# dressing room bust-up
The debate around the colour of a dress threatens to tear the Man City team apart
Manuel Pellegrini will need to limit the damage to squad morale immediately.
# The Dress
This is why people were divided on the colour of *that* dress
To be fair, there have been stranger internet debates.
# The Dress
Government minister says dress is white and gold, is clearly wrong
Poor lamb.
# The Dress
So we asked this government minister about the colour of *that* dress...
His answer will shock you.
# black and blue
People are now trashing The (black and blue) Dress in hilarious Amazon reviews
Because of course.
# The Dress
14 of the funniest reactions to The Dress
(It’s blue and black)
# The Dress
The colour of this dress is driving the internet absolutely insane
Is it black and blue, or white and gold? ARGH.
Column: The Debs is a bittersweet occasion – everything changes after it
The real importance of the end-of-school ritual is often overlooked, writes Kim Cadogan.
Revealed (yet again): Kate Middleton's wedding dress designer
And guess what? It’s not Bruce Oldfield, Alice Temperley, Alexander McQueen’s Sarah Burton, Jasper Conran or Victoria Beckham…