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13 truths Irish people need the world to understand

Please. Say no more.

PLEASE. THESE THINGS are not odd, just essential.

1. Thanking the bus driver is not optional

Stop opening the back doors to let us off, it’s not OK.

dublin-bus-strikes-over-3-390x285 Source: Photocall Ireland!

2. Praying to saint Anthony to find something is far more effective than actually looking for it

Apply the same logic to studying for an exam, healing all ailments with actual medicine etc.

efb01b1981554755fca65cacc7d391af Source: Pinterest

3. Not drinking tea is absolutely unacceptable when offered

Don’t make it weird.


4. Thinking you may have left the immersion on is a perfectly valid excuse to leave any social occasion with no notice

2686547-1925787133-hqdef Source: Gamespot

5. Leaving a party without saying goodbye is just easier, we’re not being rude

OR DRUNK, despite popular belief.

Screen-shot-2014-02-28-at-10.33.54-AM Source: Urban Dictionary

6. Please be considerate of what towel you use in the bathroom, the good one is only there for show

Bathtub and Sink Source: www.metaphoricalplatypus.com

7. Trust us, it’ll make you feel better


8. That yoke, your man, and down the ‘little road’ are perfectly reasonable descriptions

Don’t ask us to elaborate. You’re not ready.


9. The weather is always the same but we like to chat about it anyway

Keep hope alive, it’s all we’ve got.

6vg8s Source: Flickr

10. We might be up for a few pints but we’re not going ‘out’ out, learn the difference



Out out.


11. If you’re not drinking, you’d better be prepared to explain yourself

You won’t be given the benefit of the doubt.

Augmentin Source: Iqbal Osman1

12. If you hang up on the first goodbye, you’re dead to us

Bye bye bu bye bye buuuba bye.


13. Don’t wave around a wooden spoon when you’re baking, it makes us nervous.

wooden-spoon Source: theclotheslineie

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