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11 things you can buy for the average price of a gaff in Dublin

Just imagine the ludicrous possibilities.

THE AVERAGE ASKING price for a Dublin property is currently €249,337, and that sort of cash can get you some weird and wonderful things. Like:

1. Three pints of Guinness a day for 40 years

Guinness Source: ceasol

You could get a total of 55,408 pints of the black stuff

So, over 40 years, that works out at around 3.7 pints a day. You would be absolutely sick of the stuff, but it’s essentially a lifetime supply.

2. This private island in Belize

island1 Source: privateisland

There’s a website where you can actually buy your own private island and South Saddle Caye comes in at just €242,299 – giving you a cool €7000 to build yourself a shack.

You’d have to pitch a tent for somewhere to sleep, but still. There’s one just off Galway for just €75,000 too if you want to be closer to home and colder.

3. Your very own pub in Sligo

theforge Source: daft

With some spare change left over.

4. 17 packets of Tayto Cheese & Onion per day, for 40 years


You would be the most popular person. For exactly 40 years.

And your breath would officially be deemed rank.

5. This actual castle in Cobh, Cork

castlecobh Source: premierproperties

You may not be able to live in it right away, and you’ll have to pay about €25,000 more, but it’s a still a castle in Cork.

6. 20 lines in every draw of the Euromillions for 60 years

Not the winning tickets! Source: wetwebwork

This could be the greatest waste of money in the history of wasted cash. And it could be yours.

7. This apartment in Tuscany could be all yours

tuscany Source: Daft

Not bad. Not bad at all.

8. You could pay for 10 Irish weddings

Horse Racing - The Royal Ascot Meeting 2015 - Day Three - Ascot Racecourse Source: Doug Peters

Yeah, this amount of cash will only get you just over 10 Irish weddings. They cost an average of €24,000.


9. Five nights in this hotel in New York

hotels Source: wsj

Five. Nights. At €44,812 a night, you’d be best to stay in with a bottle of wine and get the best value for it.

10. Get Deadmau5 to play at your party

1035x702-20140424-deadmau5-x1800-1398358641 Source: Rollingstone

This list of private gig rates from last year says he will set you back just €224,000. Or you could stick on his album and pocket the cash.

11. The Coppers gold card experience for you and 20 friends for 10 years

Copper Face Jacks Nightclubs Source: Mark Stedman/Photocall Ireland

Going by our scientific calculations as to the value of the fabled gold card. You could get that experience without even needing the card.

Sure you could just live there. That would be worth it?

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