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# Transgender Rights

Last month
August 2023
Transgender chess players banned from women's tournaments
The measure will not apply to transgender men competing in the open category.
This year
Hundreds march through Dublin on International Women's Day
Protestors chanted “women’s rights, migrant rights, same struggle, same fight”.
All time
RTÉ receives more than 500 pieces of feedback over Prime Time programme about transgender issues
The programme examined the growth in the number of young people seeking to change gender.
11 emotional tweets about this week's historic repealing of the Eighth Amendment
“It’s a moment brought about by a movement in the streets, civil disobedience, and young people and women in particularly fighting for change. Let’s keep it up!”
'This Pride will be different' - the first Irish trans-only pride protest will take place today
The trans community, alongside their allies, take to the streets today as part of Trans Pride Dublin.
Children would be able to get full gender recognition under new proposals
Minister Regina Doherty said she would consider the best way to implement the recommendations in the report.
Viewers admired the courage of the two transgender men who appeared on The Late Late Show
Luke and Nicky featured in the new two-part documentary My Trans Life.
Varadkar says transgender people will never be banned from serving in Irish Defence Forces
Donald Trump this week said that transgender people would not be able to serve in the US military.
A federal judge has struck down Obama's rules on transgender bathroom use
Judge Reed O’Connor has ruled in favour of Texas and 12 other states, which challenged new regulations allowing youths to use bathrooms matching their gender identity.
Transgender woman allegedly arrested for prostitution files complaint against hotel
Meagan Taylor was arrested back in July at a hotel in Iowa
Transgender children are 'living in a nightmare'
Jillian van Turnhout wants them to be given recognition on an interim basis.
Transgender murderer denied sex change surgery in prison
Michelle Kosilek has been living as a woman since shortly after she shot dead her wife in 1990.
Transgender people are sharing stories of hope following teenager's tragic death
Seventeen-year-old Leelah Alcorn died after being hit by a tractor-trailer in the early hours of Sunday morning.
Gender Recognition Bill is "vital" says Equality Authority
The Equality Authority says it is worried about provision for married people who undergo gender realignment.
Irish transgender woman Lydia Foy nominated for European Diversity Award
Foy is one of eight nominees for the award with Senator David Norris also shortlisted.
Column: Transgender people should have the right to change their birth certificate
While most of us take for granted having a passport or birth certificate in our own name, transgender people must face awkward questions when they are asked to provide identification – this shouldn’t be the case, writes Aengus Ó Snodaigh.
Boy, 5, lives as girl in one of youngest cases of Gender Identity Disorder
Zach Avery behaved like a normal three-year-old boy until one day he decided he wanted to be a girl, according to reports.
Column: "I was let down by those I trusted and had faith in"
Last week, Louise Hannon became the first transgender person to have their case for discrimination recognised by the Equality Authority when she was awarded €35,000. Here she explains her reasons for taking the case.