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# Irish Aid
'Not appropriate' to cut Irish aid to Uganda over anti-gay laws
The Department of Foreign Affairs has argued that aid to the country is going to directly assist some of the poorest people in the world and that it’s a matter of educating people.
# Uganda
Uganda tabloid prints list of 200 'top' gay people
The Red Pepper tabloid published the list the day after a bill criminalising homosexuality was enacted.
# Gay Rights
"Others cannot dictate to us": Uganda signs controversial anti-gay bill into law
The news has been condemned by Amnesty International, which described it as a “step backwards”.
# Human Rights
Tánaiste: Anti-gay laws will "affect our valued relationship" with Uganda
Meanwhile, Uganda’s government has defended its decision to push through the controversial laws.
# Your Say
Poll: Should Ireland give aid to countries that deny gay rights?
We’ve given generously to countries that have outlawed homosexuality. But should aid ever come with conditions attached?
Column: Living for love, dying because of hate – the rising tide of homophobia in Africa
Jean-Claude Roger Mbebe died an untimely death last week, after his family allegedly prevented him from receiving necessary medical treatment. He had been previously been convicted of “homosexuality and attempted homosexuality” and imprisoned.
Column: Uganda’s anti-gay law… what can you do?
The bloated Ugandan political class and their evangelical puppet masters respond to one thing only: money. If they see aid being withdrawn from their country, they might repeal this horrendous law, writes Paul O’Keeffe.
# Homosexuality
Uganda passes tough new bill against homosexuality
The anti-gay bill allows for life imprisonment for certain homosexual acts.
# Irish Aid
Irish Aid requires an external audit system to improve standards - PAC report
The Committee of Public Accounts says Irish Aid’s external audit needs help from more qualified auditors in order to improve standards.
Column: The way some people view African countries is inherently racist – as Kony 2012 shows
The Invisible Children campaign went viral worldwide last year – but it was deeply racist, politically motivated, and presented a Uganda that does not exist, writes Kevin McPartlan.
# DR Congo
11 countries to sign DR Congo peace accord: UN
Eleven African countries have been invited to sign a UN-brokered accord aiming to end more than two decades of conflict in eastern Democratic Republic of Congo.
# Uganda
Chess giving hope to slum children
Self-confidence, discipline and higher ambitions for their future: some of the benefits being reaped by kids attending chess club in Kampala.
# Bill Gates
Bill Gates to meet with Taoiseach, Tánaiste and President tomorrow
The Microsoft founder and philanthropist is also reported to be meeting Bono on his visit to Ireland tomorrow.
# kony
Ugandan army says it killed top Kony bodyguard
The body guard to the notorious LRA leader had earned a grim reputation over the abduction of children.
# Irish Aid
Here's how Ireland distributed €159m among nine countries last year
The amount was 12 per cent less than the nearly €180 million given to countries including Ethiopia, Lesotho, Malawi, Mozambique, Uganda, Tanzania, Zambia, Timor Leste and Vietnam in 2011.
# Irish Aid
Uganda repays €4 million in Irish Aid funding that was misappropriated
The money has been handed back after it emerged last year that it had been misappropriated by officials in the Ugandan Prime Minister’s office.
DR Congo's M23 rebels arrive for peace talks
Rebels are meeting with the Congolese government in Uganda for peace talks – in a bid to end the long-running conflict that has displaced hundreds of thousands of people.
# Gay Marriage
Labour TD calls Pope's gay marriage comments "deeply insulting"
John Lyons claims this is second time in a week that Vatican has “targeted the international LGBT community”.
Britain suspends aid to Rwanda over DR Congo rebel support
The UK is to withhold million in aid over concerns that Rwanda is supporting of rebels country, which is in the midst of an increasingly violent conflict.
# aid fraud
'Collusion at senior levels' of Ugandan government agencies led to aid fraud - report
The misappropriation of €4 million Irish aid in Uganda was supported by a ‘sophisticated and elaborate’ scheme.
Congo: Violence continues, M23 rebels press forward after gains
A rebel group seeking to overthrow the Congolese government makes gains, and millions of civilians are displaced by the conflict.
Column: The ‘Kill The Gays’ law is shocking – but we mustn’t act rashly
Imposing Western will too forcefully will only put more lives in danger, writes GCN editor Brian Finnegan.
# Irish Aid
Irish Aid says misappropriation of funds will 'not happen again' - Crowe
The Sinn Féin spokesperson on Foreign Affairs said today’s assurance that the money will be fully returned to the Irish Government is to be welcomed.
# anti-gay bill
Labour LGBT: Ugandan 'kill the gays' bill must be stopped
Fears have been raised over Uganda vowing to pass an extreme homophobic law that includes a provision prescribing the death penalty for gay people.
# Uganda
Uganda commits to repaying €4m in misappropriated Irish Aid funds
Two senior government officials are on remand facing prosecution, while 17 have been suspended without pay while investigations continue into the misappropriation.
Aaron McKenna: Should we turn off the tap of Irish aid to other countries?
So €4m in Irish aid may have been misappropriated in Uganda. Can we afford to keep giving – or can we afford to stop?
# Malaria
'Millions of lives' could be saved by new global subsidy for malaria drugs
The first independent evaluation of the international scheme shows promise.
# Investigation
Public Accounts Committee member wants probe into Irish overseas aid
Fine Gael TD Simon Harris has called for the powerful Dáil committee to investigate Irish overseas aid following the misappropriation of millions of euro sent to Uganda.
# Irish Aid
Ugandan prime minister: 'I didn't receive misappropriated Irish money'
Amama Mbabazi says while some Irish funds were “fraudulently paid to private accounts”, some was used for its intended aims.
# Your Say
Poll: Should Ireland distribute foreign aid while it is in a bailout?
With the government suspending aid to Uganda yesterday, we’re asking should Ireland be distributing foreign aid while still under the terms of a bailout?
# Uganda
Irish Aid: Tánaiste "absolutely disgusted" after alleged Uganda aid fraud
It is believed that around €4 million of Irish aid money may have been misappropriated by the Office of the Prime Minister of Uganda.
# Irish Aid
Ireland suspends aid to Uganda after report suggests €4m fraud
Eamon Gilmore has launched an immediate investigation amid suggestions the office of the Prime Minister misappropriated funds.
# Uganda
Reward: Marathon winner Kiprotich promised new house for parents
The 23-year-old was also presented with €65,000 and a promotion in his job as a prison warden. Not bad for just over two hours work.
# Uganda
Deadly Ebola outbreak 'under control' in Uganda, says MSF
Medical teams are hopeful that the threat has subsided as there have been no confirmed Ebola deaths in the past 12 days.
Uganda: "Lots of people don't really understand what Ebola is"
What is it like to be on the frontline of fighting the Ugandan Ebola outbreak? A Médecins Sans Frontières emergency coordinator explains.
# Clinton
Hillary Clinton hopes for improved drones to find Kony
The US Secretary General was also focused on preserving a fragile peace between Sudan and South Sudan on her two day agenda of talks in East Africa.
# Kenya
Government to fund hospital's HIV outreach programme in Kenya
On his tour of Africa, Tánaiste Eamon Gilmore announces €50,000 in funding for a hospital which also offers paediatric heart surgery.
# Outbreak
14 dead in first major outbreak of Ebola since 2009
Nine of the fourteen deaths occurred in a single household in Uganda.
# Irish Aid
Government commits €50k to rehabilitate former child soldiers
The Minister of State Joe Costello announced the funding on a visit to Sierra Leone yesterday.
# Uganda
LRA commander captured by Ugandan soldiers
Ugandan officials say Caesar Acellam was one of Joseph Kony’s top strategists in the LRA.