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# Obama
Pics: The moment Mitt Romney conceded the election to Barack Obama
It’s fair to say that President Obama was more than happy to take this call on the night of 6 November…
# detente
Obama and Romney to have lunch at the White House
This will be the first time the two will have met since the election. What will they talk about?
# In Numbers
Minorities, causes and Nate Silver witchcraft: US election 2012 in numbers
121,366,971 people went to the polls on Tuesday. How did they vote – and which candidates did better with certain groups?
# Four more years
Back to work: Obama heads back to Washington as 'fiscal cliff' looms
The US president and the Republican-led House of Representatives want to avoid automatic tax increases and spending cuts but they are far off any compromise.
Column: 'The culture war is over, and conservatives have lost'
Conservatives will win again, writes John McGuirk – but first they must stop allowing themselves to be seen as anti-women, anti-science and anti-rights.
# Puerto Rico
Puerto Rico votes in favour of becoming a full US state
The island is officially an ‘unincorporated territory’ of the US – but wants to be treated as a full state of the Union.
# US2012
Paul Ryan to remain as chair of House Budget committee
The defeated vice-presidential nominee intends to stay on as the Republicans’ leading fiscal spokesman.
the world reacts to Barack Obama’s re-election
Four more years.
# US 2012
Two states vote to legalise gay marriage - while two more say Yes to marijuana
Maine and Maryland became the first US states to approve gay marriage by popular vote.
# Four more years
Videos: The moment US TV networks called the election for Obama
As the networks called the state of Ohio for Obama, they called the election for the US President. Watch how it unfolded…
# Four more years
Video: President Barack Obama's victory speech in full
Watch the full acceptance speech delivered by Obama in Chicago earlier today AND Mitt Romney’s concession speech just before that.
# Death Row
US man refers to 'very close race' for presidency just before execution
Oklahoma executed a convicted murderer who referenced the presidential race in his final words last night.
# Donald's Hump
Donald Trump on Obama's win: "A total sham and a travesty"
Someone’s not happy.
# Four more years
Barack Obama wins second term as US President
The Democratic incumbent fends off the challenge of Mitt Romney to clinch Ohio – and four more years in the White House.
Barack Obama re-elected as US President: as it happened
Barack Obama will serve four more years as the President of the United States. Here’s how it all unfolded.
# Legitimate rape
'Legitimate rape' controversy costs election for Senate hopeful
Todd Akin caused international furore when he said the female body could repel a pregnancy after a “legitimate rape”.
# US Senate
Wisconsin Democrat to become first openly gay member of Senate
Tammy Baldwin is projected to defeat her Republican rival Tommy Thompson, becoming the Senate’s first openly gay member.
# Swing States
Obama holds slender lead as Florida heads down to the wire
With over 7.4 million votes counted – around 84% of the total – Barack Obama leads by only a few thousand votes.
# Massachusetts
Democrats win back Ted Kennedy's old Senate seat
Elizabeth Warren has won back the seat sensationally taken by the Republicans’ Scott Brown in 2010.
# Swing States
Queues mean final Virginia, Florida results could be delayed by hours
Mitt Romney’s hopes are likely to hinge on Virginia – but long queues and state law means the result could be a late one.
# Swing States
Ohio and Florida exit polls appear to favour Obama
The incumbent appears to have the upper hand according to the first polls from the Buckeye State, which will be crucial.
# electoral college
So what happens if the Electoral College is a tie?
It probably won’t happen, but the result could be 269-269. So what happens if there’s a deadlock?
# Take a Break
ELECTION BREAK: Goats wearing jumpers
Take a break from Mittens versus OhBamBam and watch these goats.
# US 2012
'Recalibration issues' to blame for alleged e-voting fraud
An online video shows an e-voting machine in Pennsylvania apparently switching a vote for Barack Obama into one for Mitt Romney.
# Take a Break
ELECTION BREAK! 10 horribly awkward moments
Watch this for a break from swing states and electoral collage votes, if you dare.
# D'Telly
TV guide: the US Presidential Election on the box
RTÉ, TV3, BBC or Sky – the choice is yours. Here’s what they are offering.
# usa 2012
9 things to do while Americans cast their votes
Excited for the count but bored of the wait? Read on…
# US 2012
PICS: Queues as people line up to cast their votes in US election
Some voters complained of queues and delays after polls opened at 6AM, while others expressed relief at being able to vote in storm-ravaged areas.
# Explain it all
Sabrina the Teenage Witch reveals Romney love, is attacked on Twitter
What would Aunt Hilda say? Or Principal Kraft?
# US 2012
Here's what you need to know if you're watching the US election tonight
If you’re staying up late tonight, here are the times to take note of, the poll closing times to watch and the swing states where the battle for the White House will come down to.
# US 2012
Just Hanging Out Pics Of The Day
No comment.
# usa 2012
USA 2012: Irish thoughts on an American election has asked four Irish people living in the US about their experiences during this presidential election season.
# US 2012
Obama or Romney? Voters go to the polls in US presidential election
Tens of millions of Americans will cast their vote today as the US presidential election reaches its conclusion.
# Mitt Romney
Romney exploits tax loophole via investment in Irish pharmaceutical company
Romney has reportedly routed millions of euro in dividends through a tax loophole in the Netherlands via an investment in Irish pharmaceutical company, Warner Chilcott.
# Advertising
Paddy Power sticks to its guns after advertising watchdog complaint
At least one complaint has been lodged with the Advertising Standards Association of Ireland over this morning’s newspaper ad.
# US 2012
Will Ferrell and Neil Diamond for Obama, Chuck Norris for Romney
Will Ferrell says he will eat toenails if you get out and vote. CANNONBALL!
# US 2012
The final countdown: Obama and Romney in last push for votes
The candidates are criss-crossing the key battleground states with just hours to go before the US decides on Obama or Romney.
# In Pictures
In 99 PHOTOS: the 2012 US Presidential Election
The 99 pictures that tell the story of the US Presidential Election campaign of 2012.
# US 2012
Abortion, Libya and... Sesame Street? Flashpoints in the US 2012 presidential race
From comments about the ’47 per cent’ to loving Big Bird, we look at some of the flashpoints in the race between Mitt Romney and President Barack Obama.