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# Vaccines

Last week
9th June 2024 - 15th June 2024
Debunked: A US appeals court did not rule that mRNA shots are not really 'vaccines'
GPs advise parents that infants 6-11 months should receive extra MMR vaccine if travelling abroad
This year
HSE's Spring booster vaccination programme gets underway on Monday
Measles cases soared in Europe to 42,200 last year, almost 45-fold increase on previous year
Professional misconduct allegations against HSE physio who made false claims about Covid-19 upheld
Debunked: Piers Morgan catching Covid-19 is not evidence of VAIDS, a made-up medical condition
Last year
FactFind: QAnon website promoted on anti-SPHE leaflets protesting sex ed in Ireland
HSE's autumn winter flu and Covid-19 vaccination programme gets underway today
New round of Covid and flu vaccines to roll out at the start of October, minister says
Debunked: Incompatible athlete death stats continue to be used to mislead about vaccines
Hospital deaths from pneumonia and COPD fell after rollout of Covid-19 vaccines, audit finds
HSE warns measles outbreak could happen in Ireland amid faltering vaccine uptake
There has been a significant increase in cases of measles in Europe in the first half of this year.
Chickenpox vaccine for children moves a step closer as Hiqa says it's 'safe and cost effective'
Mother of teenager who died by suicide sues Gemma O'Doherty for using son's image for article
Covid vaccine requirement for international travelers entering US to end 11 May
Chickenpox vaccine could be added to childhood immunisation schedule following consultation
Confidence in childhood vaccination fell in Ireland during the Covid-19 pandemic
Debunked: No, vaccinated people are not more likely to have heart problems from being jabbed
Debunked: No, the first man to receive Pfizer's Covid vaccine did not die because of the jab
Former NPHET member says mandatory Covid vaccines should have been considered
Debunked: There is no evidence that more 15-year-olds are dying of heart attacks due to vaccines
Six-month-old babies will be eligible for the Covid-19 vaccine from next week
Debunked: London Police are not criminally investigating COVID-19 vaccines
Brexiteer MP Andrew Bridgen stripped of Tory whip for comparing vaccines to Holocaust
Over 70% of workforce have received Covid vaccine and at least one booster, latest data shows
Debunked: Claims that an NFL player collapsed due to a Covid-19 vaccine are completely unfounded
All time
Debunked: Self-proclaimed ‘inventor’ of mRNA vaccines makes nonsense claims about spike proteins
Debunked: No evidence that a rise in serious Strep A cases is caused by Covid or flu vaccines
Debunked: Conspiracy theory 'documentary' repeats long-disproven claims about Covid vaccines
NZ court takes custody of ill baby whose parents refused potential vaccinated blood transfusion
'Zero-covid' protests are spreading in China but why is the country persisting with the policy?
Debunk: No, it isn’t true that vaccines have little effect on COVID-19 transmission
Pfizer-BioNTech to test combined Covid and flu vaccine
Over 600k avail of flu vaccines as Covid cases dip
Shortage of cholera vaccines worldwide forces move to one-dose strategy
All available appointment for monkeypox vaccine booked, hours after online registration opens
European Medicines Agency approves first Omicron-specific Covid vaccines
People aged 12-49 with long-term conditions can now get another Covid vaccine booster dose
Moderna sues Pfizer and BioNTech over Covid-19 vaccine patents
Donnelly announces monkeypox advisory group headed by CMO