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# War in Ukraine

Last month
May 2024
NATO foreign ministers meet in Prague with long-range weapons for Ukraine set to dominate talks
Spain pledges to send €6 billion in support for Ukraine on eve of recognising Palestine
UN refugee agency 'concerned' by Government plans to cut payments to Ukrainians in Ireland
Kim Jong Un's sister denies claims that North Korea is sending weapons to Russia
Zelenskyy cancels planned trips abroad as Russian forces advance on two fronts
Russia takes four more villages in Kharkiv as Ukrainian strike kills five people in Belgorod
Russia makes gains in eastern Ukraine claiming control of six villages as locals flee
Russia plans nuclear drills while threatening to strike UK military targets in Ukraine 'and beyond'
April 2024
Energy infrastructure and hotel hit in Russian drone attack in Ukraine's Mykolaiv
Biden to send weapons to Ukraine once Senate approves aid package, Zelenskyy says
Eastern front against Russia has 'deteriorated significantly', says Ukraine's top army general
IAEA warns about drone attacks on Zaporizhzhia Nuclear Power Plant
Ukraine claims it destroyed six Russian military planes in overnight drone attack
David Cameron says Nato wants to help Ukraine without putting boots on the ground
March 2024
Russian strikes kill two people overnight as Ukraine's energy infrastructure targeted again
Zelenskyy blasts Putin as 'talking to himself' after linking Moscow attack to Ukraine
Russia launches overnight assault on Ukraine's energy system, striking nuclear plant power line
Russian strikes on Ukrainian city of Odesa kill 20 people, including rescuers
Zelenskyy hits back at Pope Francis over 'white flag' comments about Ukraine war negotiations
Sweden finally joins NATO, ending non-alignment in shadow of Ukraine war
Russian strike lands near Zelenskyy and Greek prime minister during visit to Odesa
Russia accuses Western countries of participating in Ukraine war after German air force leak
Zelenskyy calls for world to help defeat 'Russian evil' as 10 people killed in drone strike
This year
Taoiseach to attend Paris meeting as Macron attempts to rally support for Ukraine
'Ireland has become a second home for me': Ukrainians building careers in Ireland
Russia and Ukraine trade plane crash blame at UN Security Council
Ukraine says Russia launched 40 missiles and drones overnight
13 people, including journalists, injured as two Russian missiles hit hotel in Ukraine
Four killed in wave of Russian missile attacks across Ukraine
Japanese foreign minister pledges support for Ukraine during surprise visit to Kyiv
Russian strike kills 11 people in eastern Ukrainian town as cross-border exchanges escalate
Ukraine says it cannot confirm if Russia used North Korean missiles after US claims
Last year
Ukraine says it downed 21 of 49 drones after Russia launched fresh strikes
Six guided missiles had also targeted the northeastern city of Kharkiv, Kyiv said in a statement.
The fresh Russian strikes came a day after the deadliest attack on civilians in Russia since the start of the conflict in February 2022.
Both Vladimir Putin and Volodymyr Zelenskyy are due to give New Year's Eve speeches today.
Dozens killed in separate strikes across Ukraine and Russian city of Belgorod
Death toll after massive Russian missile attack on Ukraine rises to 30
Poland says Russia missile entered its airspace and went into Ukraine
Russian naval ship in Crimea ‘damaged in air strike by Ukrainian forces’
Ukraine's military says it shot down three Russian fighter-bombers
Ukraine says air defence systems down dozens of Russian drones overnight
Govt flooded with queries about fake viral letter claiming Ukrainian men would be extradited