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If you're an absolute fiend for celebrity gossip, Who? Weekly is the podcast of your dreams

Everything you need to know about the celebrities you don’t.


THERE ARE TWO types of celebrities in this world.

There are Thems, celebrities who are widely known and rarely require an explanation of what exactly it is they do. And there are Whos, celebrities who seem to exist solely to fill space in tabloid magazines.

For instance, Benedict Cumberbatch is a Them. He’s an Oscar nominee with an impressive resumé and strong name recognition.

dm Source: Daily Mail

These two women on the other hand are total Whos. (They are Ex On The Beach alum, apparently.)


It can be difficult to keep up with the celebrities who populate the Sidebar of Shame.  That’s where Who? Weekly comes in.

Who? Weekly is a podcast dedicated to telling you everything you need to know about the celebrities you don’t.

Hosted by Bobby Finger and Lindsey Weber, Who? Weekly dissects the who-y celebrity tabloid stories of the week and answers calls from listeners. A typical episode might involve the pair analysing the behaviour of tabloid darling Bella Thorne, sneering at embarrassing celebrity sponcon or discussing the Whos and Thems of Twin Peaks.

They even have a weekly segment devoted to Rita Ora entitled What’s Rita Up To?

In many ways, Rita Ora is the very essence of a Who, a celebrity that was foisted upon us by tabloid magazines and is continuously featured in Daily Mail, but has failed to settle on any one career.  Is she a singer, a presenter or a glorified Adidas model? Nobody knows!

Each week, Bobby and Lindsey go through the top Rita stories that week. The segment even has its own ridiculously  catchy theme tune.

They have also chatted to celebrities like former reality show villain Spencer Pratt and Instagram Stories queen Busy Phillips.

We *highly* recommend both episodes.

And can we take a moment for their delightful merchandise?

Like this badge celebrating Daily Mail’s weirdo euphemisms for legs.

ww_pin_slim_2fc1761a-a3b3-4481-b723-548d94405840_large Source: Who? Weekly

For a smart, incisive and often hilarious examination of modern celebrity culture, Who? Weekly is a must listen.

A delightful dose of pop culture escapism and the perfect antidote to the grim news cycle.

Add it to your podcast diet immediately.

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