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# iPotty
You can now buy a potty with a built-in iPad for your toddler
It’s what the world never wanted, but always needed.

CAN’T THINK OF a good Christmas gift for that technologically advanced two-year-old in your life?

How about an iPotty, a potty with a comfortable and adjustable iPad stand built right in.

Don’t make your toddler read the newspaper while they’re doing their big toilet. Shameful. Distract them with Candy Crush.

The techno-toilet is retailing at €31.99 and is easily cleaned after any ‘accidents’ that may occur. And don’t worry, the iPad holder suits 4th generation tablets AND 2nd and 3rd for those little tots who haven’t quite ‘caught up’ with the times.

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The Amazon reviews are in, and they’re all pretty positive. Brilliant.

Even smaller adults can utilise the product.

I bought this for myself because, let’s face it, I’m a busy lady on the “go” (pun intended!) and I don’t always have time to properly do my business when there is so much internetting to be done. Fortunately, I was blessed with a pretty minuscule frame and some freakish flexibility, so I am able to mount this sucker like a barely-oversized toddler.
I really thought it worked great until I handed little Pavlov the iPad to keep him quiet in church. Yikes!
Incredible invention. There weren’t enough ways to spread fecal bacteria before. Now you can have it on your iPad.

But there’s always ‘that guy’.

Is it compatible with the Samsung tablets as well? I’m kind of an android kind of guy , also wish it had bluetooth , maybe version 2.0 will have additional features

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