9 struggles couples with height differences know to be true


1. Adjusting the height of the shower head is part of your daily routine

Source: Flickr

2. You’re pretty sure they’ll send a man to Mars before you and your other half can get a profiler together

3. Sharing an umbrella with your other half is simply not an option

Just invest in a coat with a hood.

Source: Imgur

4. The smaller person in the relationship will inevitably get leaned on at some point

That’s what I’m here for.


Source: Imgur

5. Sustaining a neck injury while you kiss your other half is just a risk you have to take

*goes to pharmacy to pick up cream for the crick in your neck*

6. Sharing the couch is just a complete no-go

“Can I lie down?” “No room, sorry.”

7. Sometimes your relationship can feel a little like this

8. And you know that sometimes people might stare

9. But hey… at least you’ll never lose each other at festivals


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