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# Lockdown
Researchers seek volunteers for Irish study on impact of quarantine on romantic relationships
Stressful experiences can impact on couples, but support from a partner during anxious times can also help alleviate stress.
# Infertility
€2 million in funding for IVF and fertility treatment set to be announced by government
One course of IVF treatment can cost between €4,000 and €4,500.
# Cabinet
Cabinet approves law to allow some same-sex partners to both register as parents on baby's birth certificate
The move comes from government after years of campaigning for same-sex couples and LGBT advocates.
# Fertility
Government to pay for couples to have IVF treatment
The new legislation will also regulate surrogacy and the use of embryos for research.
# old loves
10 celebrity couples you probably forgot were a thing
They get around, these Hollywood types.
# Different Strokes
9 things you'll know if you and your other half are from different counties
Sure you could be from different worlds.
# fertilisation error
Dutch IVF clinic says 26 women may have been fertilised with the wrong sperm
The clinic said there’s a chance the egg cells may have been fertilised by sperm other than that of the intended father.
# twinsies
ASOS is selling a two-person Christmas jumper and it's... really something
Ban this sick filth.
# cover clamp
This genius invention will stop your other half hogging the blanket, FINALLY
*Handel’s Hallelujah chorus begins to play*
# business of being born
India's poor fear the impact of a crackdown on commercial surrogacy
Authorities are planning to ban commercial surrogacy in the country over exploitation concerns.
# Your Say
Poll: Should the wait time for a divorce be cut to two years?
The Dáil is likely to debate legislation on the issue when it is back in session in the autumn.
# shifting and drifting
This girl has been photobombing couples shifting for two whole years
Doing the Lord’s work.
# farts allowed
16 things all long-term couples know to be true
In it for the long haul.
Why do people say this: ‘They’ve been married a while now? What’s keeping her?'
To be told you cannot conceive on your own is devastating, cruel and unfair, writes Jennifer Ryan Moran.
# Take a Break
This is what happens when couples switch beards and go in for a kiss
There will be bleugh.
# Valentines
WATCH: Can two people already in a relationship go on a date? employees sat down and settled it once and for all.
# not a fan
Students in Pakistan urged not to celebrate 'vulgar and indecent' Valentine's Day
Pakistan’s President Mamnoon Hussain is against the holiday.
# laser bed
This guy went to extremes to prevent his wife hogging the bed
What a charmer.
# textual healing
10 texts all long-term Irish couples have sent to each other
If you’re looking for romance, you’ve come to the wrong place.
# couples
11 Irish couples that will give you serious relationship goals
So much goals.
When a couple faces the reality of infertility, it can send them into crisis mode
Ovulation calendars, doctors’ appointments, tests and treatments start to take over.
'Women need to know the truth. Fertility takes a plunge after age 35'
Men as well as women need to be educated about reproductive responsibility. We need a nationwide education campaign on fertility awareness, writes Dr John Waterstone.
# Little and large
9 struggles couples with height differences know to be true
This photographer has caused a social media storm for telling wedding guests to leave their phones at home
Photographer Thomas Stewart appeared to hit a nerve with his recent Facebook post. Do you agree?
# justin and jill
This couple's 'drunk history' of how they met is the ultimate wedding speech
All couples should do this. And then put it on the internet.
# please stop
'Joint Instagram accounts' are all the rage among couples -- here's what you need to know
First comes love, second comes joint Instagram accounts.
# sketchy
These couples described each other to a sketch artist and the results were brilliant
A tough task.
# deep creep
Couples were asked to look through each others phone and things got so awkward
Please don’t make this a thing.
# third wheeling it
9 strange and annoying things all your couple friends do
All the gooseberries in the house, put your hands up!
# the number
These couples revealed how many people they've slept with and things got awkward
Of course they did.
# Odd Couples
8 news items that will make you glad you're not in a relationship
Do not want.
# going out
The average Irish "date night" costs how much?
Get saving for Valentine’s.
# going steady
12 surprising celebrity couples you never knew were a thing
“They went out?!” – you.
# preggo
This couple's unique pregnancy announcement is the one to beat
Just being blunt.
# Infertility
Not legislating for surrogacy is 'simply kicking the can down the road'
The Medical Director of Sims IVF says removing surrogacy from the Child and Family Relationships Bill is a lost opportunity.
# must be love
13 couples who are just doing relationships right
Must be love, la la love.
# i do
More people are having non-religious marriages than they were six years ago
The total number of marriages registered in 2013 was 20,670.
# please stop
13 couples that should be banned from the internet immediately
The cringe index is on red alert.
# All You Need Is Love
Irish couples spend an average of €19,000 on wedding
Engagements appear to be getting shorter too, with most couples who tied the knot last year heading up the aisle after 13 to 18 months.
# we're pregnant
Mila Kunis says what all women are thinking about expectant dads
Thank you Mila.