Ed Sheeran and Val from Great British Bake Off are friends, and it's the purest thing ever

Best pals!

Source: BBC

IF YOU WATCHED Great British Bake Off last year, chances are you remember Val the Cake Whisperer.

Oh, she was a gift.

Source: Radio Times

Val was sadly booted out in week 5, but has maintained an active presence on social media since then. Just look at these wholesome tweets.

Source: Valerie Ann Stones

If there’s one thing Val loves more than baking, it’s Ed Sheeran. She loves him so much that she regularly tags him in her tweets.

She once offered to make a cake for anyone who could convince Sheeran to serenade her.

Source: Valerie Ann Stones

She has tried to tempt Ed with her delicious-looking sausage rolls.

Source: Valerie Ann Stones

Please watch this adorable video of her baking while explaining how Ed Sheeran’s lyrics remind her of being young.

No matter how old you get you can still listen to music like this and it makes you smile.

If you can’t see the video, click here


Ed’s reply to that video?

Source: Twitter

Since then, Val has kept Ed updated with her various recipes…

Source: Valerie Ann Stones

And earlier this week, Ed recorded a lovely message for Val!

The excitement.

Hey Val, I love you. I think you’re wonderful and, yeah, let’s cook sometime.

Source: Valerie Ann Stones

Name a more iconic duo. We’ll wait.

Source: Valerie Ann Stones

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