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Spoiler Alert: Bake Off winner crowned
The season 13 finale aired last night.
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Poll: Will you watch the Great British Bake Off?
The Great British Bake Off is a big ratings winner for Channel 4.
# Your Say
Poll: Will you watch the Great British Bake Off final tonight?
On your marks… get set… bake.
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Great British Bake Off contestants created 'bubble' in a hotel for six weeks to record this year's series
The annual baking competition returned to TV screens last night.
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Bake Off needs to do a 'crime-scene' week, judging by these pictures from the French one
They know how to stick to a theme.
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Was last night's Bake Off a fix? People seem to think so
One contestant seemed to be given more time.
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Is there a bigger story behind Bake Off Rahul's "fake modesty"?
Does he REALLY not think he’s that good?
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Paul Hollywood is practically giving out handshakes on Bake Off and fans don't know how to feel
Is nothing sacred anymore?
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6 things we know ahead of the new series of The Great British Bake Off
First challenge? WAGON WHEELS.
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Aisling Bea had a lot of trouble with custard on last night's GBBO, but Irish viewers were still very proud of her
On the plus side, she had a ball with Teri Hatcher.
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A politician made a meringue tower inspired by Wexford on Celebrity Bake-Off
It looked pretty tasty.
Ruby Tandoh: 'Food fads are toxic - they erode the faith you have in your appetite'
Former Great British Bake-off contestant Ruby Tandoh has written a book that’s an antidote to stress and pressure over food and eating. She says: eat up and enjoy your food.
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7 Irish celebs they should've definitely put on the Great Celebrity Bake Off
Humour us.
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Prue Leith told the heartbreaking story behind *that* Great British Bake Off spoiler tweet
She’s not giving herself a break on it.
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France's answer to The Great British Bake Off had Halloween week and it was something else
Soggy bottoms, only spookier.
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'Mortified': Great British Bake Off judge accidentally tweets the winner - hours before final broadcast
The final of the wildly-popular show will air at 8pm tonight on Channel 4.
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Prue Leith says she's 'in a state' after accidentally tweeting the winner of this year's Bake Off
No spoilers here though, we swear.
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11 times Noel Fielding was the best part of the new Bake Off
Some spoilers here if you haven’t watched the latest episode.
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Mary Berry was spotted leading sheep across London Bridge and people were confused
Not missing Bake-Off at all, then.
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GBBO's Paul Hollywood says he is 'devastated' after photos of him in a Nazi uniform are published
The photograph is from fourteen years ago.
# taking the biscuit
People were quick to point out that this GBBO contestant's map of Britain included Ireland
Ah yes.
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Flo is already the queen of the new series of GBBO
Cool as a cucumber. Or should that be watermelon?
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20 tweets that sum up people's reaction to the new Great British Bake Off
It wasn’t that bad, was it?
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What to watch on TV tonight: Tuesday
This is the telly everyone will be talking about tomorrow.
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Poll: Will you watch the Great British Bake Off tonight?
Give it to us straight. Be honest.
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What to watch on TV tonight: Monday
Here’s the telly that everyone will be talking about tomorrow.
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There could be no more 'soggy bottom' jokes on the new Great British Bake-Off
Honestly, what’s the point?
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Ed Sheeran and Val from Great British Bake Off are friends, and it's the purest thing ever
Best pals!
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Surprise, Mighty Boosh fans - Noel Fielding is the new host of the Great British Bake Off
Vince Noir will be saying “Ready, set, BAAAAKE!” Did you ever think you’d see the day?
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Rachel Allen could be in the running to judge Channel 4's Great British Bake Off
The chef was seen ‘laughing and joking’ at a test shoot for the show in London. Oooh.
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Paul Hollywood is filming his baking show around Dublin and it already looks tasty
But we can’t look at him the same way again.
# farewell to soggy bottoms
GBBO fans are mourning the end of their favourite show as they know it
It’s coming back on Channel 4 – but without Mary Berry, Mel or Sue.
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This café in Dublin bakes and serves the GBBO technical challenge every week
Here’s how you can eat em.
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Tonight's Great British Bake Off departure has left everyone in bits
# marzi-pain
Tudor Week spelled disaster for a wondrous GBBO friendship, and people are devastated
We weren’t ready. :( Spoilers for the latest episode!
# Come Dine With Me
Selasi from GBBO hosts weekly viewing parties for his pals, and the food is mouthwatering
Just one more reason to love him.
# hipster please
Nobody could deal with this 'hipster picnic' on GBBO last night
Spoilers within.
# born lippy
Candice wasn't wearing her signature lipstick on GBBO last night and no one could cope
Just stop the world and let us off.
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GBBO's Ruby Tandoh absolutely slaughtered Paul Hollywood on Twitter this afternoon
No love lost there, so.
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Farewell To Soggy Bottoms: Mary Berry is refusing to follow the Bake-Off to Channel 4
Berry said she was staying with the BBC out of “loyalty”, but her fellow judge Paul Hollywood is following the dough to Channel 4.