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6 things the next generation should be furious about

Teach them well and let them lead the way…

ALL WE ARE saying, is give kids a chance.

The next generation is going to face some pretty stubborn hurdles, and here’s how we’re letting them down…

1. Challenging them to find a username that’s not already taken

How is little going to be taken seriously in job interviews?

And what kind of professional Twitter username is @DylanOReillySEXYYOLO12 anyway?

shaking_head_breaking_bad Source: Reactiongifs

2. Allowing this to happen

This Facebook page has more than half a million ‘Likes’. Won’t somebody think of the children? Literally?


3. And allowing this to happen

7629b Source: YouTube

She’s trying to scroll through the magazine. GET THIS CHILD A BOOK. STAT!

4. Letting cassette tapes die

Future generations will never know the joy of making a decent mixed tape:

Future generations will not know this. - Imgur Source: Imgur

They’ll never know what it meant to sit by the radio with one finger on ‘REC’ and one finger on ‘PLAY’ waiting for the DJ to stop talking:

76595_original Source: Livejournal

And they’ll never understand what this meant:

Just one more reason to love Dead Kennedys - Imgur Source: Imgur

5. Terrible memories

When was the last time you had to remember a friend’s phone number off the top of your head?

Or the last time you had to spell a difficult word without looking it up? Or recall a fact without Googling it.

This is the future people:


6. Denying them the joy of prank calls

Nowadays, the mere sight of an unknown number sends us into a spin of panic.

tumblr_mjvug6f1EB1qh59n0o1_500 Source: Tumblr

Gone are the glory days of prank calls, when all you needed was a phone box, some balls, and someone, anyone, to answer.

tumblr_lno4lhKufg1qfu47lo1_400 Source: Tumblr

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