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# where's the bus?
14 things you've said, done or heard if you've ever been to Slane
# the irish for
7 dangerously similar sounding words as Gaeilge
ár nAthair v an nathair
# you're next
Writing "suits you" under pictures of people holding babies should be outlawed
Social media crimes 101.
# Tweet Tweet
15 of Ireland's funniest tweets so far in 2017
A decent start to the year.
# heely good
An Irish artist has designed the only acceptable kitten heels... with real kittens
Fund this, immediately.
# hairy babies
Father Ted's Speed 3 Episode: An Oral History
Is there anything at all to be said for another mass?
# world of celebs
Queen Chrissy Teigen and her top Oscars moments of last night... It's a special Dredge
All the dirt from the Oscars.
# oscars 2017
20 biggest rides at last night's Oscars, from 20 to 1
Beautiful creatures.
# what a palalava
Explainer: The double envelope mix up that led to that Best Picture mess at the Oscars
Here’s what probably happened.
# omgwaca
Aisling Bea stood up for all Aislings and stole the show on Sunday Brunch this morning
Queen Aisling.
# TedFest
This Inis Mór map features some very Irish safety advice
Don’t make unnecessary journeys…
# beyond the kale
We must know: Do You Fancy The Happy Pear?
It’s dividing the country.
# tv picks
What to watch on TV tonight: Sunday
Here’s the telly that everyone will be talking about tomorrow.
# loving
Ruth Negga has just made it 100% ok to bring blue eyeliner back from the nineties
Break out the pencil sharpener, gals!
# the jacks
8 things you need to know about the toilets at the Oscars
They have to queue like everyone else.
# trolls
Lily Allen has abandoned her Twitter account after abuse over her baby son's death
She’s temporarily quit over “new levels” of abuse.
# red carpet tales
'I wore a suit from Dunnes' - one Irish man's trip to the Oscars as an unexpected nominee
Michael Creagh’s rollercoaster story, from nomination to the red carpet.
# down home
10 ways your 'girls from home' are the best friends you'll ever have
Happy Galentine’s Day!
# tv picks
What to watch on TV tonight: Monday
Here’s the telly that everyone will be talking about tomorrow.
# world of celebs
Here are several ways in which Blue Ivy was the ultimate winner at last night's Grammys
All of the day’s celebrity dirt.
# date while you wait
Macari's chipper in Glasnevin has set up a very cute speed dating table for Valentines
“Do you like a battered sausage?”.
# Iron Lady
The utility room on last night's Room To Improve was the envy of the entire country
Is there anything more Irish than a utility room?
# middle fingers up
Somehow, incredibly, Beyoncé didn't win Album of the Year at the Grammys last night
Adele won instead. Even she thought it was a joke.
# bring back crunchos
14 images that will give every eighties and nineties Irish kid the shivers
So. Many. Memories.
# young adult
17 signs you're finally becoming grown up with cash
Look at you, doing the Big Shop.
# world of celebs
Jason Momoa's made his 'bodyguards' look slightly ridiculous .. It's The Dredge
The best of the day’s celebrity dirt.
# roe and co
Diageo just announced a whiskey version of the Storehouse, and a brand new whiskey to go with it
The name of George Roe is coming back.
# you tease
Whole boxes of Teasers are a thing now, and we need them in Ireland immediately
The absolute dream.
# bra-vo
The first hint of Dublin's huge new Victoria's Secret store has appeared on Grafton Street
Hold onto your knickers!
# meow years resolutions
17 plans your cat is definitely making for 2017
Big plans for the coming year. Big, disruptive plans.
# let me entertain you
The secret songs, pleading letters, and big name snubs of Ireland's plans to entertain Ronald Reagan
Brendan Grace and Phil Coulter both wanted a piece of the pie.
# the big shop
Thumper the seal, brass band coats and wheels for Liv - here's what happens to those Tesco blue tokens
In case you were wondering.
# Let's Get Quizzical
The Top 13 DailyEdge Quizzes Of 2016
Knock yourself out.
# hello boys and girls
'It outsold U2' - an album of Bosco songs was one of RTÉ's biggest hits in 1984
Did you have Bosco Sings in your house?
# nature table day
17 distinct memories of an Irish primary education
“Can I use your colours?”.
# pen pals
A Donegal child wrote a letter to Garret FitzGerald in 1984 having a sly dig at Charlie Haughey
“I don’t like the way Charlie is doing it”.
# tv picks
What to watch on TV tonight: Tuesday
Here’s the telly worth staying in for tonight.
# merry chrissmas
Chrissy Teigen was hands down the social media hero of 2016
Queen Chrissy.
# the feels
Steve from Kodaline made his dad cry with an amazing present of a car on Christmas morning
“He’s done so much for me”.
# small turkey
The baby from The Snapper turned 23 this year and don't YOU feel old?
Grand sized baby….