17 rotten things all women who love their makeup have done

Nobody needs to know.

1. Not washed their makeup brushes for far, far too long…

2. …Then taken great pleasure in watching the rivers of muck running down into the sink.

3. Looked at their phone after making a call to find it covered with oily, foundation-y residue.

4. Gotten foundation on someone while hugging them (and said nothing of it).

5. Gotten some foundation on the neck of a top you were trying on, and realising you are contributing to a VERY DISTRESSING PROBLEM.

6. Forgotten that you had foundation on the back of your hand/on your fingers, and brushed off something. Great!

7. Picked fluff and dust off a lipstick that managed to lose its cap in your bag. And put it on, because what else are you supposed to do?

8. Kept products for way, way longer than you were supposed to. That ten-year-old eyeshadow is still going strong, and you won’t be guilted into chucking it!

A lipstick owned by Nadia Sawalha from Loose Women *gags*

Source: Prima

9. Tried to brush your teeth with lipstick on. A fool’s errand.

10. Left mascara smudges on hotel pillows.

11. Slept in a full face of makeup, then used it as the building blocks for the next day’s makeup.

12. Opened something in Boots cos you needed to take a look before you bought and the testers had all disappeared into the ether, as testers do… then put it back.

13. Put on too much foundation because you pumped out a bit more than you’d usually wear, but didn’t want it to go to waste.

14. Applied the five second rule to makeup products dropped on the floor.

15. Used someone else’s eyeliner.

16. Picked off your nail polish (or worse, picked off your Shellac).

17. Used your own spit to clean up eyeliner mistakes, mascara smudges, errant lipstick… you name it, saliva has sorted it. Micellar water who?

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