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# Jargon
10 bits of fashion-speak that should just be banned forever
Is your capsule wardrobe trans-seasonal? IS IT?
# Hair Today...
Brian McFadden got a hair transplant and shared all the gory details on Instagram
Best not to look if you’re very squeamish.
# tv picks
What to watch on TV tonight: Sunday
This is the telly everyone will be talking about tomorrow.
# rebel songs
Amanda Knox sang a bit of Come Out Ye Black And Tans on The Ray D'Arcy Show for some reason
What. Is. Going. On?
# natalie's rap
Natalie Portman hilariously defended the Star Wars prequels on Saturday Night Live
# send in the clowns
A super-talented Tallaght granny had everyone weeping on the first episode of Ireland's Got Talent
Seriously. SOBBING.
# coming clean
Showering at night vs showering in the morning: Which is the 'right' way?
*Michael Stipe voice* Nightshowersss…
# Harvey Weinstein
Uma Thurman says Harvey Weinstein 'attacked' her multiple times at the start of her career
The actress previously hinted that she too had a story to tell about the producer.
# wear a jersey
TV3 did a 'rugby fashion guide' this morning ahead of the match and people are taking the piss
A jersey, for a rugby match? Groundbreaking.
# tv picks
What to watch on TV tonight: Saturday
This is the telly everyone will be talking about tomorrow.
# size 11
Topshop are now doing half sizes in jeans, and it's not before time
Making the hunt for the perfect pair just a hair easier.
# bosom buddies
People are horrified by this gal's story of accidentally trying on someone else's bra in Penneys
# michaela morley
Brian O'Driscoll took his little pal from Temple Street on the Late Late, and she was an absolute star
The cutest BFFS ever.
# futile and stupid
Domhnall Gleeson getting fed up with people spelling his name wrong is *extremely* relatable
He is speaking on behalf of everyone with an ‘unusual’ name.
# tv picks
What to watch on TV tonight: Friday
This is the telly everyone will be talking about tomorrow.
# french montana
A man in a Kerry jersey makes an appearance in rapper French Montana's new music video
That green and yellow just LEAPS from the screen.
# st brigid's day
Last night's Derry Girls managed to sneak in a little reference to St Brigid's Day
Did you spot it?
# the live mike
This 1983 RTÉ report from a Cork theme park called 'Beverly Hills Wonderland' is just brilliant
Its full name is actually ‘Beverly Hills Wonderland, the Disneyland of Ireland’.
# no fair
There's a new version of Monopoly that actually encourages cheating
This sounds far too stressful.
# Oktoberfest
Last night's disastrous Don't Tell The Bride ended with the couple deciding not to get married
# tv picks
What to watch on TV tonight: Thursday
This is the telly everyone will be talking about tomorrow.
# world of celebs
Tom Hardy got 'Leo Knows All' tattooed on him after losing a bet to Leo DiCaprio... It's the Dredge
All the day’s celebrity filth.
12 tweets that sum up just how long this January has felt
First Dates Ireland's first ever sign language date was absolutely lovely
# gimme dat
11 things 90s girls begged their parents to get them on holidays
# world of celebs
Marty Morrissey was 'devastated' after getting the lowest-ever score on DWTS... It's the Dredge
Nooooo :( And all the rest of the day’s celebrity dirt.
# you'll do
11 extremely Irish Valentine's Day cards
Irish people are renowned the world over for being romantic. We just love showering affection on people!
# mad ted
An Irish pub in Edinburgh has unveiled a *huge* mural dedicated to Father Ted
The workmanship is definitely not shoddy.
# Costa del Sol
18 things that always happen when you're watching A Place In The Sun
“Wait, why am I watching A Place In The Sun?” *watches four episodes back-to-back*
# world of celebs
Cardi B freaked out after getting a note from Bono, and it was too cute... It's the Dredge
Filth! Get your celeb FILTH!
# ssh beyonce
11 moments you might have missed from this year's Grammys
Blue Ivy Carter was not having it with her parents. Oh at all.
# experience + innocence
U2 will play two homecoming gigs at Dublin's 3Arena this November
Tickets go on sale on Friday at 9am.
# praying
Everyone's talking about Kesha's powerful, emotional performance at the Grammys last night
She was joined on stage by a group of female vocalists including Cyndi Lauper.
# more bronzer
16 beauty mistakes today's teenagers will never have to make
We had to find out the hard way.
# you're ancient
How Well Do You Remember These Bangers From 1998?
All these songs are 20 years old now. *gasps*
# sir shaw
Just 14 truly enjoyable typos
“Best Actress in a Leading Roll.”
# world of celebs
Gwyneth Paltrow says ex Chris Martin is more 'like a brother' to her now... It's the Dredge
Gwyn, you had kids together! And the rest of the day’s celeb filth.
# my heart is low
A Woman's Heart was the soundtrack to last night's Derry Girls, and everyone got so nostalgic
Ooooonly a woman, oooOOONLY A WOMAN!
# lorzy lovey
This Cork woman's gas take on Pretty Woman is blowing up on Facebook
“I’m just a beoure, standing in front of a feen, asking him to love her. Wait, wrong film.”
# Photoshop fail
Reese Witherspoon has somehow been given a third leg on the cover of Vanity Fair
But she’s embracing it. Body positivity!