Men, we're in luck! Apparently this man's accent is the world's sexiest.

Source: faith goble via Flickr

Jaysus! Irish accents are the world's sexiest

Quids in if you’re Colin Farrell. Or Bono, apparently.

WE MIGHT BE unable to tan or be more susceptible to diseases like cystic fibrosis, but at least Irish men now have something to smile about: The Irish accent has been declared the world’s ‘sexiest’ in a new worldwide poll of over 5,000 women.

The survey, carried out by internet polling company, asked women to pick between ten international accents and declare which one they felt was the most attractive.

The Irish accent, as exhibited by the likes of Colin Farrell and Bono, was declared to the one most likely to cause a woman to fall for its exhibitor – pipping the Italian accent into second spot.

The Scottish accent was voted the third most attractive, while French came fourth and Australian fifth.

The ‘British’ (we assume, ‘English’) accent came a lowly sixth, while the Welsh accent was the ninth most attractive. The American accent came bottom of the list.

The list in full:

  1. Irish
  2. Italian
  3. Scottish
  4. French
  5. Australian
  6. British
  7. Swedish
  8. Spanish
  9. Welsh
  10. American

Warning: Don’t watch this video if you’re offended by cultural stereotypes.

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