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D4 accents: 'Yes, kids speak differently from their parents. But why should this be a bad thing?'
Using elements of D4 speech does not necessarily mean rejecting the region you come from, writes Prof Vera Regan.
RTÉ dug up this clip of Pierce Brosnan apologising to Irish people for the dodgy accents in Remington Steele
What a throwback.
A Definitive List Of The 10 Sexiest Irish Accents
Is your county one of the Chosen Ones?
This lad is going viral for being deadly at accents... even the Irish
Well, it’s a talent.
From Boston to Blanchardstown, how we speak is a part of our identity. Let's be proud of it.
The world-renowned Boston accent is in decline. Similarly, people from sections of cities or rural Ireland often moderate the way they speak. But why?
Hey, Hollywood! Here's what you desperately need to know about Irish accents
Essential viewing.
Why does Kevin Spacey's accent in House of Cards sound so 'weird'?
Linguists have tried to explain just how he came up with that accent.
Irish accents are very attractive, but not as attractive as the English
Don’t worry, 8.1% of the world still loves us.
The 8 unique struggles of having an Irish accent abroad
You can talk the talk, but will anyone understand?
Irish people officially have the ridiest accents, according to new poll
Congratulations to us all!
32 perfect observations about every Irish county's accent
We’re a quare nation, all the same.
Here's Benedict Cumberbatch completely nailing a celebrity impressions challenge
The literal Imitation Game.
Here's a quick video tour of the UK and Ireland - in accents
From Yorkshire, to Glasgow, to our very own Dublin.
Is the Irish accent actually the sexiest in the world?
We think it is and here’s why.
This is the most incredible Irish accent you'll hear this Paddy's weekend
He’s just a man trying to make it in a tough economy, guys.
Goats "have accents"
Goats are like humans and dolphins in their ability to develop unique accents, according to new research.
Ireland accent is third sexiest in the world
We might not have much going for us at the moment – but at least we have a way with words…
Bats have accents, say scientists
It’s not just humans who speak in regionalised dialects, as Australian team discover local variations in bats too.
Jaysus! Irish accents are the world's sexiest
Quids in if you’re Colin Farrell. Or Bono, apparently.