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Someone sent a kebab into space, and it's strangely majestic

One small step for kebab, one giant leap for kebab-kind.

THE NEXT TIME you feel you have little to be doing, think of the people who sent a kebab into space.

Source: YouTube

Earlier this month, Swiss chip shop owner Pascal Leuthold decided to launch one of his kebabs into the air, as you bloody well do.

He attached the kebab to a weather balloon and it soared 124,000 feet into the atmosphere, maintaining its beautiful shape and contents all the while:

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The drunken delicacy spent a grand total of two hours in the sky before crashing back down into a tree.

Grace. Elegance.

Source: Facebook

According to Metro, it returned to the earth frozen solid. Leuthold said:

We are all very proud that we actually managed to pull this off – it took about three months to plan and film. It feels very cool to have launched the first kebab into space.

Some questions: What did they do with the kebab after it came back down? Was it just thrown in the bin like the remnants of any other non-history making kebab? Seems unfair.

Source: Facebook

Zaytoon, we don’t know why you hire a wise kebab doctor if he’s not going to come up with ideas like this. We could have been pioneers.

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