Kendall Jenner denies that she is pregnant by clarifying that she just likes bagels

Don’t we all?

THIS WEEK, IRISH comedian David O’Doherty pointed out that “the only people who enjoyed 2017 were racists and the makers of fever tree tonic.”

Well, you could add the producers of Keeping Up With The Kardashians to that list too, because the rampant fertility of the Kardashian/Jenner sisters has now guaranteed them at least two more decades of reality TV work.

We’ve got confirmed pregnancies from Khloe and Kim (who is using a surrogate, as she has a serious health condition which means she can’t give birth again) and then we’re all highly suspicious of Kylie Jenner’s status. My psychic dog believes that Kylie is pregnant, but only time will tell.

So naturally, the media would have a field day if it emerged that Kendall also had a bun in the oven.

Hopeful that there was a third (or fourth) Kardashian baby due, MTV Australia (rudely, tbh) began to speculate that Kendall was pregnant after she posted this photograph on Instagram.

Kendall instantly slammed these rumours, explaining that if she looks pregnant it’s just because she likes bagels.

No bun in the oven. Just a bagel. Oh, and it’s Christmas, for God’s sake. If Kendall looks pregnant from being barely even noticeably bloated, the rest of us are all probably looking like we’re due twins after a week of stuffing our faces with Pringles and chocolate Kimberly biscuits. Nothing wrong with that.

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