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# de playlist
Here's our Spotify playlist of 30 songs that'll make you want to dig out your McKenzie tracksuit
The soundtrack to getting bad notes in your journal in secondary school.
# Big Nev
Neville Southall handed over his Twitter to Irish sex workers last night and here's what they had to say
Yes, Neville Southall the former goalie.
# Books
11 books to stick on your reading list for April
It’s not too early to start building that pile of books beside your bed for summer.
# this time
Alan Partridge dealt with #MeToo on This Time last night and it was a hit with viewers
Back of the net.
# dredge
Jessie J and Channing Tatum are already discussing marriage's The Dredge
Another day, another heap of celeb dirt.
# dirty sanchez
Have you ever wondered where the cast of Dirty Sanchez are now? Wonder no more
You’ll be surprised to learn that the entire cast is alive and well.
# Pamela Anderson
'Pamela Anderson called for an end to reality TV, and with recent events in mind she might be right'
“You usually feel used, dirty and with no feeling of accomplishment.”
# indie phase
How Much Do You Remember From Your Indie Phase?
Did you spend way too long reading NME?
# mothersday
7 experiences you could get your mam for Mother's Day if you're sick of getting her the same gift every year
Some ideas on how to show some appreciation.
Can You Name These Minor Characters From Old MTV Shows?
All of those wasted weekend evenings watching MTV can finally be put to use.
# uppbeat
We spoke to Uppbeat, a 20-year-old rapper from the West of Ireland who should be on your radar
Trap music from Mayo. You heard it here first.
# colin farrell
Colin Farrell was overcome with emotion when he spoke about his son on The Late Late Show
If you’re hungover or PMSing, this is definitely enough to make you cry.
# throwback
How Well Do You Remember 00s R&B?
How much KISS and MTV Base did you watch as a kid?
# Astrology
Here's why people have been joking about something called 'Co-star' for the last week or so
Everyone’s feeling a bit attacked by Co-star’s push notifications.
# colin farrell
Colin Farrell isn't a fan of pacifying kids with technology and he thinks 'iPads are a curse'
Ah, now. We don’t all have millions of dollars to entertain our kids with.
# emo playlist
We made a Spotify playlist for everyone who spent a bit too much time at Central Bank in their teens
You better dig out your studded belt.
# Noughts and Crosses
Everything you need to know about the TV adaptation of Malorie Blackman's 'Noughts and Crosses'
Today it was announced that Stormzy has a role in the series.
# kaleidoscope
Here's the suss on that new festival organised by the people behind Electric Picnic
Everything you’re wondering about the new festival in Blessington.
# sobbing
Tell Us Which Queer Eye Scenes Made You Cry And We'll Give You A Sad Film To Watch On Netflix
We promise that we won’t recommend The Notebook.
# antoni
Every dish Antoni has taught people to cook on Queer Eye ranked from least to most appealing
Picky eaters, turn back now.
# Dental Plan
Poll: Have you ever had braces?
Lisa needs braces.
# Zoo
Poll: Do you think zoos are cruel?
Some penguins have to take antidepressants. Is that enough to stop you from going to a zoo?
# sarah paulson
Just every single time Ellen scared the wits out of Sarah Paulson
This poor woman.
# Teeth
Beauty Q: Have you ever whitened your teeth?
Does it appeal to you?
# Paddy's Day
Poll: Are you arsed with St. Patrick's Day?
Are you just glad for the extra day off?
# tv picks
What to watch on TV this weekend
All the telly you need to get through the long weekend.
Everything worth checking out in Dublin if you don't have plans for St. Patrick's Day yet
Brunch, comedy, culture and cans.
# tv picks
What to watch on TV tonight: Friday
All the telly everybody will be talking about tomorrow.
# St Patrick's Day
Here's our Spotify Paddy's Day party playlist, which only features Irish artists
If you’re celebrating being Irish, you might as well do it by listening to Irish artists.
# tv picks
What to watch on TV tonight: Thursday
All the telly everybody will be talking about tomorrow.
Poll: Do you strongly relate to Dani Dyer's disgust at the thoughts of camping?
The Love Island star climbed Mt. Kilimanjaro and said she will never camp again as long as she lives.
# pastry shoes
Remember how badly you wanted a pair of Pastry shoes? Here's where the company is today
Did you ever manage to get your hands on a pair?
# tv picks
What to watch on TV tonight: Wednesday
All the telly everybody will be talking about tomorrow.
# birth strike
What is 'birth strike' and why are people considering it all of a sudden?
Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez said that people have a ‘legitimate’ reason to not want to have children.
# colin farrell
Colin Farrell told Ellen that he 'doesn't want to limit' his son, but is unsure if he'll ever drive
Colin’s son James has Angelman syndrome.
# telly
What to watch on TV tonight: Tuesday
Here’s the TV everybody will be talking about tomorrow.
# rosalía
Keep an eye on... Rosalía, the Catalan pop icon collaborating with Billie Eilish and winning Latin Grammys
You might remember her from James Blake’s most recent album.
# bra fitting
A bra fitter in a Dublin department store shared some of her horror stories from work with us
Try not to do any of these things next time you go for a bra fitting.
# what to watch
What to watch on TV tonight: Monday
All the telly everybody will be talking about tomorrow.
# Katie
The 2018 documentary 'Katie' is now on Netflix and if you need any convincing, here's what critics thought
It’s well worth a watch.