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13 ways that supermarkets trick you into spending money

Ever wonder why supermarkets keep flowers at the entrance? Or why things are stocked on certain shelves?
Aug 3rd 2011, 9:46 PM 6,623 2

THEY SAY THAT one of the easiest ways to make sure that you buy exactly what you need is to make a shopping list before you leave the house, and to stick rigorously to it when you’re out picking up your shopping.

While that’s probably true, it’s a tactic that supermarket retailers have known about for decades now – and countless hours of high-level research has gone into coming up with new ways to make shoppers deviate from their plan of action.

Think about the last time you went into a supermarket – did you end up buying something on impulse, simply as a treat, or because the product had some kind of mystical aura you simply couldn’t resist?

No matter what your intentions, unless you’re literally running in to pick up a single good, you’re almost certain to end up picking up something you didn’t plan to – or there’ll be some other way to get you back into the building.

Here’s how the supermarkets do it.

Reproduced in part, with permission, from Business Insider.

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