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# best of de
9 DailyEdge headlines that got you going in 2016
What a year.
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12 things you've been doing wrong in the kitchen your whole life*
This article will improve your dinner. *Probably.
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How Well Can You Spell Commonly Misspelled Words?
Do you know your foreseeable from your corroboration? Find out here…
# pop rocks
12 pop stars of the 2000s and what they look like now
Everything has changed.
# Quiz
How Much Of A Perfectionist Are You?
What makes your eye twitch?
# PC brigade
10 of the most politically correct things that ever happened
Please do not be offended.
# Quiz
The Impossible Irish 'Would You Rather' Quiz
*head explodes*
# dublin problems
17 of the hardest things about living in Dublin
It’s tough out there.
# posh or not
How Posh Are You?
Are you posh totty or common as muck? Take the quiz to find out.
# capturing our capital
Charming video captures a day in the life of Dublin city with disposable cameras
Filmmaker Rebecca Birmingham placed the cameras across the city, inviting the public to help create this lovely mini-documentary.
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Take This Tricky Irish History Quiz
How much do you actually know about your country?
# saps
How Much of a Sap Are You?
Take our quiz to find out.
# For Rent
Can You Guess The Rent On These Dublin Flats?
How well do you know the rising rental market?
# the perks
9 companies with unreal employee perks you'll be totally jealous of
Well we get coffee…
# life changers
Sorry, but you've been doing these 11 things wrong your whole life
Here’s how to do it right.
# Quiz
Which Love/Hate Character Are You?
Take this quiz to find out.
# great little country
21 things Ireland does better than anywhere else in the world
Best small country in the world.
# back 2 skool
How Good At Grammar Are You?
Do you know your dangling participle from your elbow? Find out in here.
# the great divide
Are You Truly A Northsider Or A Southsider?
Dubliners native and adoptive! Take this quiz to find out…
# ye roide
How Much of a Ride Are You?
Let us tell you.
# freshers
11 things nobody ever tells you about going to college
The printers = your new enemy.
# incey wincey spider
Ireland's 'giant spider invasion' is real... but here's what you need to know
It’s happening, but it’s normal.
# the wow factor
16 awe-inspiring views of Ireland everybody should see once
It’s not a bad little country.
# Quiz
How Disgusting Are You?
Come on. Everybody smells them…
# Weshtlife
11 words and phrases that have a totally different meaning in the West of Ireland
Going lushin’ tonight, lad?
# dunk 'em if you got 'em
Here are Ireland's top 10 biscuits, in order of popularity
According to sales info from a major supermarket.
# notions
12 signs Dublin has completely lost the run of itself
# double standards
Explainer: Examining the cycle of Ireland's recent 'slut-shaming' cases
Slane Girl, Belfast, Magaluf.
# lady on the rock
7 little things in Dublin you've always wondered about
Who the hell is Fr Pat Noise? What does the White Lady of the Northside mean? Find out in here.
# bogus
The 'Camel Toe Challenge' is going viral, but here's what you need to know
It’s fake. Fake fake fake.
# country strong
How Much Of A Culchie Are You?
Take our quiz and find out.
# Quiz
How Truly Irish Are You?
Take this quiz to find out.
# Donegal
McDaids Football Special: An oral history of the Donegal delicacy
Anyone for a Football Special with ice cream?
# spooky scary
7 of the most spine-chillingly creepy places in Ireland
Would you like to hear a ghost story?
# Song of the Summer
So, just what IS the Song of the Summer this year?
Hint: it’s not Fancy.
# age ain't nothin' but a number
14 pairs of celebrities you didn't realise were the same age
The results may surprise you.
# so many weddings
30 things nobody ever told you about your 30s
Staying in is the new going out.
# hubble bubble
7 castles that cost less than a two-bed gaff in Dublin
Who says the capital is overpriced?
# edna kenny
The 25 Hardest Things About Living In Ireland
Honours maths, anyone?
# Caught Out
16 bizarre sights captured by Google Earth in Ireland
Well, that was unexpected.