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# 3D

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# 3D
Semi-automated offside technology to be used at World Cup in Qatar
The technology is expected to cut by more than half the time taken on average to reach a decision.
All time
# Easter Rising
You can step into the Dublin of 1916 thanks to this new website
An interactive map lets people explore sites such as the GPO, Liberty Hall, St Stephen’s Green and Dublin Castle.
# Take a Break
Watch David Attenborough meet the biggest animal ever to walk on Earth
The Titanosaur weighed 70 tonnes and was 40 metres long.
# amazing
This 3D painting will freak you out
We feel dizzy.
# ad-rock
This ingenious 3D newspaper ad will mess with your head
Column: 3D printing raises huge opportunities and challenges for society
Various industries – including motor, aerospace, fashion and toy manufacturing – are embracing 3D printing and pushing boundaries. But what potential challenges might lie ahead for this astonishing technology?
# News Fix
Here’s What Happened Today: Monday
Everyone’s talking about the sentencing of Thomas Byrne, arrests over the Phoenix Park murder and more ‘top up’ revelations.
# Week in Web
Weird Wide Web: Self-driving cars, printed weapons and is the NSA watching you?
All of your essential tech and social media news for the week in one byte-sized portion.
# look familia?
This is what Sagrada Familia will look like when it's finished
Sure, what’s another 13 years – especially if it turns out this breathtakingly beautiful.
# placed
Advertisers can now use mobile phone signals to track shoppers
By tracking the movement of individual shoppers, advertisements can take advantage of location-based ad campaigns.
# life finds a way
7 reasons why Jurassic Park 3D will be the greatest thing ever
They do move in herds.
# pic of the day
The Queen in 3D Specs Pic of the Day
You cool ma’am, you cool.
# 3D Printing
Irish company signs major 3D printing deal with Staples
Staples will offer 3D printing using the Iris printing machine, developed by Co Louth company Mcor Technologies.
# Art
In photos: 3D paintings of Pinocchio, the Hulk and Marilyn
New exhibition marks celebration of Korean-Chinese diplomatic relations – with some interesting themes…
# life thru a lens
Could these contact lenses augment reality?
Company developing lens which gives 3-D virtual reality to wearers…
# Regeneration
Scientists move closer to development of synthetic organs
Scientists from the University of Pennsylvania have made a structure out of sugar on top of which cells can be placed, which could lead to the growth of an organ.
# out of frame
Photos: 3-D paintings that come alive (almost)
The exhibition of art pieces literally coming out of their frame opened in China this week.
# 3D Maps
Introducing the incredible 3D mapping technology heading for iPhones and iPads
Incredibly detailed 3D mapping from the Apple-acquired C3 Technologies.
# 3D
3D Corporate Financial Document of the Day
Paddy Power’s 2011 Annual Report is out this week – and almost all of its many illustrations are drawn in 3D.
# 3D
Ireland develops world's first 3D surface anatomy guide
A team of artists, anatomists and engineers have proven that 3D is not just useful for blockbuster movies – it can stand in for “live models” too.
# Inspect Our Gadets
15 gadgets that are changing the tech world
Here’s a bunch of stuff you wish you had.
# future plans
Scudamore to seek 'richer experience of watching football'
New plans for seeing games have been likened to the experience of viewing James Cameron’s Avatar.
# Finals countdown
Rugby World Cup officials cancel plans for 3D coverage
Scheme is abandoned after production company fails to meet its commitments.
# monty python
Monty Python are back - and in 3D
The classic comedy group will star in a new animated movie based on a memoir by late member Graham Chapman.
# ouch my eyes
Gamers sickened by Nintendo 3DS
But Nintendo says it has received ‘zero’ complaints about headaches or dizziness after playing the new console.
# 3D TV
10 reasons why 3D TV just won't take off
Business Insider remains convinced that 3D TV is done for. Check out their reasons why…
# Space
Want to see a supernova in action?
Astronomers have created the first 3D view of an exploding star.