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7 reasons why Jurassic Park 3D will be the greatest thing ever

They do move in herds.

JURASSIC PARK IS today being brought back from extinction with the release of the 3D version of the film in the US.

Is anyone excited? We are!

Here’s why…

1. We get to see Jurassic Park on the big screen again


2. You’re old enough to go and see it on your own and not be afraid that you’ll be attacked by a raptor on the way home

Maybe you were old enough to go and seen it on your own first time round, but it was 20 years ago, so you might have been still wetting the bed and eating Liga for nutrition rather than deliciousness.

Now you get to see it as an adult, while a whole new generation of kids and teens are about to experience it for the first time.

3. The T-Rex in 3D will be a sight to behold


And so will the dilophosaurus…

4. It gives you an excuse to read the book

Michael Crichton’s Jurassic Park is a great read. Trust us.

5. The velociraptors. For the love of god the velociraptors


6. The glorious John Williams soundtrack in surround sound


7. Because it’s Jurassic Park, that’s why!

Here are some more reasons to love it…

YouTube/Patrick T. Lo


I just probably reveal at this point in the interest of transparency that I, Emer, have a Jurassic Park phone cover, and therefore am biased:

Life finds a way.

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