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No, feminists are not 'pissing their pants for equality' -- it's a giant hoax

Oh, for the love of God.

YOU MAY HAVE seen a hashtag called #PissForEquality pop up on your Twitter timeline.

The hashtag invited people to pee themselves and take a photo of themselves doing so in order to show solidarity with rape victims and feminism.

Photos of women apparently peeing themselves in the name of equality were soon circulated around social media.

Much to the delight of people on Twitter who used the whole thing as an opportunity to mock feminists.

The only problem?

#PissForEquality wasn’t actually a real thing and there’s no evidence that anyone was actually fooled by it.

Instead, the whole thing was a cynical stunt orchestrated by trolls over at 4Chan in an effort to embarrass feminists.

4Wy6TjP Source: Imgur

What if we somehow get Tumbler tards to publicly piss/s**t their pants in the name of “Equality”?
lets do it

It looks as though 4Chan users set up a number of dummy accounts to try to fool people into believing the hashtag was gaining traction.

For example, an account under the name Janis Fletler (@jfletler) was set up on October 2nd. The account shared a #PissForEquality selfie later that day.


Likewise, someone named Gemma Collins (@legemmacollins) posted a #PissForEquality selfie on October 4th — just one day after she set up a Twitter account.


The same goes for Brittany Cena (@JustSassySocial), who posted a selfie on October 1st, the very day she joined Twitter.


TL;DR: No, women aren’t wetting themselves for equality and, yes, trolls have far too much time on their hands.

Better luck next time, 4Chan.

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