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9 office perks we all need: a DailyEdge.ie manifesto

It’s not about public sector vs private sector. It’s about human rights.

IT REALLY shouldn’t matter whether you’re private sector or public sector.

These nine amenities are crucial to any reasonable life in the workplace.

Are there any essentials we’ve missed? Let us know in the comments…

1. Duvet at every desk

Nothing is more comfortable than a good duvet.


2. Fridge CCTV

To find out EXACTLY who’s been eating your butter. Also, to finally discover where that weird liquid actually comes from.


3. A slide into the office

Slide photo via Shutterstock

Now THAT would put a smile on your face at the beginning of the day. You’d be a bit rumpled, but whatever.

Also: monkey bars.

4. Rage room

Somewhere you could go on THOSE days to… let off a little steam.

Possibly with some padding.


5. Free chocolate


This would improve our productivity no end. I mean, look at this guy. He’s all over his tasks.


6. Winesdays

Instead of Wednesdays.

Forever Black and White/Tumblr

7. Bathroom number-two disguiser

For those times when you really have to answer the call of nature – no, the other call of nature – and your modesty is in danger.

We’re thinking of a device that would essentially bamboozle co-workers until your business is complete. Perhaps some kind of device that would play music when the bathroom is in use, while also providing wonderful odours and distracting visuals.

Or just this:


8. Ball pit for important meetings

Think how much more less intimidating your manager would be if he/she was talking to you in a ball pit.

Flickr/Travis Hornung

BOSS: “Our numbers are down this quarter.”

YOU: *throwing coloured balls in air* “Hee hee hee!”

9. Mondays

Now this? THIS is a Monday.


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