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A change collection that became an Irish institution is back
South Africa's ruling party has decided to oust scandal-tainted President Zuma - reports
Suspected poacher mauled to death and eaten by pack of lions in South Africa
'Raped women are forced to marry their rapists to maintain their family's name'
Jenifer Williams
These Israeli teeth show modern humans left Africa 100,000 years earlier than thought
Non-emergency surgical death rates in Africa are double the global average
'You could hear the bones breaking' - South Africa haunted by racially charged murders
Thousands of protesters turn out in Zimbabwe calling for resignation of Robert Mugabe
Zimbabwe crisis: Mugabe in talks with South Africa to find resolution to country's turmoil
Alleged poacher arrested after rhino he was targeting attacks and injures him
Over 230 dead and 275 injured in worst single attack in Somalia's history
At least 20 people killed in Somalia truck bombing
Anthrax is being blamed for the sudden deaths of over 100 hippos in Namibia
Three American special forces troops among several killed in ambush
Two shot dead in protests over disputed Kenyan election
At least 56 people die after human traffickers force 300 off boats and into the sea
'They beat me with an electric cable, while throwing water on me at the same time'
Column: 'Over half my patients, often with contagious illnesses, have to share a bed'
Dr Eamonn Faller
'If men are caught, they are killed. If women are caught, they are raped'
Irish Navy revives infant found unconscious in Mediterranean as record numbers saved
As doctors continue to emigrate, Ireland is becoming more reliant on foreign-trained staff
A book about a woman who locked herself into her house has won a €100k Dublin literary award
'An industry built on human misery' - in an uncertain world people smugglers are making billions
China's demand for medicine fuels African donkey slaughter
Mum appears in court over alleged 'fake kidnap' of baby that caused manhunt across South Africa
World faces worst humanitarian crisis since 1945 - UN official
Explainer: Why tens of thousands face starvation in war-torn South Sudan
Boris Johnson is only delighted the Gambia wants back into the British Commonwealth
The people still fighting leprosy, years after the world stopped paying attention to it
Irish people told to avoid Gambia as West Africa troops prepare to move in
Department of Foreign Affairs making contact with 'very small number' of Irish citizens in Gambia
Priest arrested for predicting 92-year-old Robert Mugabe will die this year
'The Irish team were heading for some godforsaken place called Keetmanshoop'
People are selling 'rice' in Nigeria that is actually just coloured plastic
92-year-old Mugabe backed to continue his rule over Zimbabwe
A former Argos security guard has just toppled an African tyrant
Ireland is the 15th best country in the world to be a young person - survey
'The land of a thousand hills' is now using drones to deliver medicine
Zimbabwe vendors get creative as Mugabe's job promises disappear
Colaiste Lurgan's cover of Toto's Africa is the Friday night anthem we deserve