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This year
'Human-induced' climate change behind deadly Sahel heatwave, study finds
Forgotten war: More than 350 Irish citizens and their dependents have been forced to leave Sudan
The war in Sudan broke out in April of last year between two warring factions the Sudan Armed Forces and Rapid Support Forces.
Last year
Britain's King Charles says 'no excuse' for colonial atrocities in Kenya
Libyan prosecutor general orders arrest of eight officials after flooding disaster
Opinion: Ethiopia is suffering under the immoral debt burden imposed on it by rich countries
Billy Abimbilla
Dynasty ousted after 55 years of rule in Gabon as military leaders name coup president
‘A murderer who won’t be missed’: Was the death of the Wagner leader inevitable?
African Union suspends Niger over coup as 12 troops die in attack
UN peacekeeping force in Mali leaves base early over insecurity
Diplomacy 'best way forward' in Niger but force still on table, says Nigerian president
Pressure mounts on Niger coup leaders as deadline approaches
DFA 'carefully monitoring' situation in Niger as European partners launch rescue mission
Possibility of sanctions on the cards as West African leaders hold summit over Niger coup
Sudan violence rages as paramilitaries deny Darfur war crimes
Sudan mediation to resume in Saudi Arabia as war enters fourth month
Why climate change is fast becoming the single biggest threat to global security
Fighting rocks Sudanese capital again as disease threatens those displaced by the conflict
Fighting in Sudan resumes immediately after end of latest ceasefire
Death toll in Ugandan school terror attack hits 37
180 bodies buried without identification in Sudan as blasts rock Khartoum again
Fighting worsens in Sudan despite US sanctions
What does Africa Day mean to Afro-Irish people living here today?
Bombardments, bandit raids and carjackings: Life in Sudan for the Irish aid agency staff
Department of Foreign Affairs in contact with Irish citizens in Sudan, says Tánaiste
UN chief demands 'justice without delay' for deaths of its staff and civilians in Sudan
Ireland 'substantially reduces' Defence Forces personnel on EU Mali training mission
Pope Francis denounces 'economic colonialism' in Africa on first day of tour
All time
US defence chief warns African leaders China and Russia are 'destabilising' continent
Morocco boss - 'We want to show that Africa deserves to be here'
Conflict, climate change and pandemic led to boost in Irish foreign aid
Egypt to enter bid to host 2036 Olympics
'Race against time' to avert a catastrophic climate change-induced famine in Kenya
Kenyans go to the polls to choose next president in close-fought election race
Mali suspends new personnel arrivals to UN peacekeeping mission - which includes Irish troops
Opinion: 'My daughter didn’t make it. She didn’t have enough food. The life left her'
Miriam Donohoe
Monkeypox spread already an emergency, say African officials
'All of the animals will die': Kenyan farmers in crisis during worst drought in 40 years
UN warns up to 18 million face severe food insecurity in Africa's Sahel region
Floods in South Africa’s Durban area kill more than 300
Death of pregnant woman pleading for care sparks outrage in Senegal